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Athlete, groups and outdoors

Athlete, groups and outdoors. Three words that you wouldn’t use if you were talking about me; at least the me of about a year ago.

I’ve never considered myself athletic because I had the mindset that athleticism was something you were born with or only a name given to those who were professionals. That mindset has changed and it’s all because of a gym called Becoming Badass.

I was always the overweight kid, teen and adult. Working out and dieting was a rollercoaster ride throughout my life that I never got off. Through the years I would try different forms of exercise with the solo goal to lose weight and fit the ideal female body type. I never thought about the idea that you could train and eat, and what that difference would make in my life.

"I didn’t recognize the person I was changing into."

My workouts have always been indoors. Even when I started the Couch to 5k program four years ago it was on the treadmill. When I started training for my first half marathon, I only ran my long runs outdoors while everything else was safe inside four walls. Outdoors wasn’t a thing I would do. Outdoors is unpredictable and as someone who likes control, that didn’t mesh with me.

I fell in love with running because it was a sport I could do alone. I am a pretty solitary person with a decent case of social anxiety so solo runs were great with it being just me without pressure of having to small talk with anyone or be judged for my pace etc. I enjoyed it and could never see myself willingly being part of group class.

Becoming Badass training center

I found Becoming Badass late October of 2016 while searching for a new place to practice yoga. I was only there for yoga, any other sort of workout listed sounded interesting and yet completely not a thing for me. I couldn’t see myself using weights of any kind, doing bootcamps, cycle class and so not doing anything Spartan related. That lasted about a week when I signed up for lower/upper body classes. About three weeks later I tried my first cycle class and less than two months being a member of the gym, I signed up for a six-hour endurance event hosted by the gym. I can’t tell you what I was thinking, I had never in my life thought I could do something like that. I didn’t even know what I would be doing for six hours but the challenge was there and I accepted it. When I completed that event I immediately signed up for the next. I didn’t recognize the person I was changing into.


I spontaneously signed up for my first Spartan Sprint spring of 2018 when I hadn’t attended a single Spartan class. Again, who was I? I remember waiting for my start time for that race being very nervous about not being able to complete it and having Ashley tell me “You do stuff with me in the desert for 6 hours, you can do this.” I thought I wasn’t ready for a Spartan race when in fact, every class I was taking at the gym, was training for any race I decided to take on.

Taking her at her word, I competed that Sprint and as soon as I got home, signed myself up for a Trifecta and made the decision that the stadium sprint I completed didn’t count. I signed up for three new races.

There is something about Becoming Badass that gets into your soul if you let it. The community is all welcoming regardless of your size or ability The community challenges you without it being a goal and motivates you to become better, to become badass. Through this community I not only attend group classes but have camped with numerous members of the gym for a Ragnar Trail, hiked summits as a group and even captained my first marathon relay with members of the gym. It’s truly a life changing experience to walk through the doors of Becoming Badass and it’s not just a physical transformation. Sure, I have changed physically but I bet if you asked anyone if I was the same on day one as I am today, they’d say no.

Athlete, groups and outdoors… I think it’s safe to say you can use those when talking about me now.

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