THIS WEEK IN OUR SCHOOLS NOvember 6 - november 10, 2017

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Featured this week:

  • Parents as Teachers: Sensory Play Day!
  • Colorado Elementary:  Honoring Veteran's and Service Members.
  • Colorado Elementary: Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten Class.
  • Franklin Elementary: First Grade Classes Help Muscatine Pollinators.
  • Franklin Elementary: Mrs. Week's 5th Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Miss Dindinger’s, Miss Holly’s, and Miss Michelle’s Classes.
  • Grant Elementary: Leadership Lab Update.
  • Grant Elementary: 3rd Graders - Diabetes Busting Program.
  • Grant Elementary: Mrs. Schliesman's 3rd Grade Class.
  • Grant Elementary: Stars and Stripes Leader.
  • Grant Elementary: Honoring Veterans.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Honoring Veterans.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Miss Mary's Preschool Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: Ms. Wester's 2nd Grade Class.
  • Jefferson Elementary: 2nd Grade Recess Fun!
  • McKinley Elementary: Ms. Pedersen's 2nd Grade Class.
  • McKinley Elementary: Mr. Schroeder's 5th Grade Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. Lowe's Class.
  • Mulberry Elementary: Mrs. McDonald's 5th Grade Class.
  • Central Middle School: 6th Grade Avengers SuperHeroes of the Week!
  • Central Middle School: Mrs. Acker's EL Students Celebrate Veteran's Day.
  • West Middle School: Veteran's Day Assembly.
  • West Middle School: Mrs. Matteson's 6th Grade ELA Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Mighty Muskie Marching Band.
  • Muscatine High School: Mr. Schmelzer's Work Experience Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Bags of Blessings.
  • Muscatine High School: National Honor Society Inductees.
  • Muscatine High School: Students of the Quarter and Service Leaders!
  • Muscatine High School: Speech and Debate Update.
  • Muscatine High School: Miss Goodale's Intro to Computers Class.
  • Muscatine High School: Ag 1 and Ag 2 Classes.
  • Muscatine High School: Vocal Music Fundraiser!
  • Muscatine High School: This Week in Muskie Sports!


The Parents as Teachers group enjoyed a Sensory Play Day!


Colorado students honored their families Veterans and current service members and thanked them for their service with these two murals.


Mrs. Smith's Kindergarteners took their weekly Journey's assessment on iPads.


Mrs. Danielson, Mrs. Wright and Mr. Svensen’s First Graders worked with the Muscatine Pollinators to plant 200 Oak Tree's!


Students in Mrs. Weeks' fifth grade class have been learning about the different systems in the human body. Their final project is to research a body system and make a life-sized poster of that system.


Miss Dindinger’s, Miss Holly’s, and Miss Michelle’s classes synergized during DEAL time while making American flags in honor of Veterans Day!


The second session of Leadership Lab is up and running at Grant Elementary! Students made slime, studied mold, learned needlework, created art with tissue paper, participated in fitness relays, and learned the basics of yoga this week!


Grant School 3rd graders were presented the Diabetes Busters Program this week! The program describes in third grade terms what diabetes is, what organs of the body play a role and are affected, the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, and dispels any common myths such as “you can catch diabetes”.


Third graders in Mrs. Schliesman’s class at Grant School greeted and welcomed all Veterans as they arrive for the Veterans Day Assembly today.


One of the student leadership roles at Grant is the "Stars and Stripes Leader". One of our leaders helps Mr. Dan put up our outside flags each morning!


Grant Elementary held a Veteran's Day assembly on Friday. We had several guest Veterans, both past and present to honor. We learned about each branch of the military and honored individuals for their service in each branch. It was truly humbling to see so many Veteran's and the pride we felt for them. Thank you to all who have served!


Jefferson students worked with Ms. Stansberry, our Art Teacher, to complete this project that recognizes our family and friends who have served our country. Happy Veterans Day!


Miss Mary's preschool class went on a Fall Walk and looked for signs of fall.


Second grade collaboration in Ms. Wester’s class!


All of 2nd graders soaked up some of the last days of warm sunshine at recess at Jefferson School!


Students in Ms. Pedersen's 2nd grade class had a Fall Fun Day where they made a fall art project and scooped out "worms" and "spiders" from a bucket. They also practiced their spelling words with a spelling game.


Students in Mr. Schroeder's 5th grade class participated in Ag STEM Day. All MCSD 5th Graders attended Ag STEM day at the Muscatine Ag Learning Center- AG Stem day is sponsored by Monsanto and the MHS Ag Students.


Students in Mrs. Lowe's class attended the Special Olympics Play Day at the Muscatine Y. Jack opened the ceremony by carrying the torch. Everyone had a great time!


The 5th grade students in Mrs. McDonald's class at Mulberry Elementary participated in a STEM field trip to the Ag Learning Center sponsored by Monsanto on Tuesday. Students participated in several exciting Science experiments, toured the barns to see the horses, goats, and cows, and learned about the Monsanto agriculture program for students. It was an exciting and educational trip!


Here are this week's 6th Grade Avenger Super Heroes!


Betsy from Central Middle School's EL classes says, "Thank you and Happy Veteran's Day to Jonathan and to all Veterans!"


West Middle School honored our veteran’s with their annual Veteran’s Day Assembly. Students could invite their family members or friends who are veterans to attend and enjoy a reception following the assembly.


Recently, students in Ms. Matteson's sixth grade ELA class learned about author's purpose (PIE: persuade, inform, entertain). To end a long week of Iowa Assessments and learning, the students were able to celebrate their learning about PIE with actual pie!


The MHS Varsity Marching Band went to Cedar Falls to perform as part of the halftime at the UNI football game in the dome. They got to visit with a couple alums and some of the juniors and seniors took a campus tour.


Work Experience students in Mr. Schmelzer's class from Muscatine High School’s Work Experience Program took advantage of the beautiful Fall weather to travel to Petersen Farms to get hands-on experience harvesting corn, to learn about beef production, and learn about careers in agriculture from former MHS graduates.

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a $200,000 combine! As you can see our group is all smiles just thinking of getting their hands on the controls! Or it could be that they just follow directions well after I told them to smile for the camera?
Arianna Kaufman at the controls of one of John Deere's "smallest" combines. Good job Arianna for keeping it right on the rows. Now, how do you do with parallel parking?
Dan, Bill, Gary, and Joe Petersen (L-R) farm their family farm northeast of Muscatine. They grow corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa along with operating a beef cow/calf operation. The Petersens are all graduates of Muscatine High School and were actively involved in FFA and other MHS school activities. Thank you, fellows, for letting us interrupt your day so our students could get a better understanding of the opportunities in and importance of agriculture in the State of Iowa.


Bags of Blessings Project Off to a Quick Start for 2017/2018: The Bags of Blessings project is off to a quick start for the 2017/2018 school year. Bags of Blessing’s is currently providing 230 at-risk elementary students each a paper bag of ten food items to take home to supplement their nutritional needs over the weekends.

The Bags of Blessings project affords students associated with the MHS Work Experience Program the opportunity to gain basic work skills while doing a valuable service in helping out our at-risk elementary students, The project is a cooperative effort of Faith United Church, Muscatine High School Work Experience Program, and Muscatine School District’s elementary schools. Bags of Blessings is made possible by generous monetary and food donations from the community. Contributors, thank you so much,

Four Carts Full: Here we have (L>R) EBCE teacher Ms. Laura Koch with Katie Hanssen, Sarah McCleary, and Melissa Alvarado getting ready to move part of a three week supply of food needed to fulfill the needs of students enrolled in the Bags of Blessings program.
Wonder Girls: Wonder Woman doesn't have anything on our girls. They can get the job done when it comes to moving the heavy loads. Here they are moving supplies into our storage area.
The Root Cellar - When packing time comes things can get fast and furious which requires the need to expand our footprint out into an adjoining room.
One, Two, Three, Four....- Ms. Kelsey (left), her students, and paras hard at it making sure to include the correct ten items that go in every bag. At this time our students are handling 2300 items a week.
Ms. Koch with another group of happy student helpers after completing another week's bagging.
What a beautiful day to make deliveries, clean crisp Fall weather and plenty of sunshine. Here we have one of our crews making a weekly delivery to Franklin Elementary. The happy crew is (L>R) Andrea Garcia, Clifford Batteau, Arianna Kauffman, and the really happy one behind the totes Ms. Laura Koch.


Congratulations to this year's National Honor Society Inductees!


Students of the Quarter & Service Leaders were recognized at a Recognition Breakfast hosted by Hy-Vee on November 3rd. Students are recognized for their outstanding performance or demonstration of significant service to the school throughout the last nine-week period. They are nominated by their teacher for such things as: individual accomplishments in the classroom, standards of excellence, performing in a unique manner, or making exceptional contributions to the class.

Service Leaders of the Quarter

Name: Abbie Enriquez Grade: 10 / Parents/Guardians Names: Rolando & Natosha Castillo / Nominating Teacher: Alisha Eggers / Activities: Livestock Judging / Hobbies outside of School: Hanging out with friends
Name: Hope Reichert Grade: 10 / Parents/Guardians Names: Kevin & Nancy Reichert / Nominating Teacher: Agriculture Department / Activities: Swimming, Cheerleading / Hobbies outside of school: Taking care of livestock, hanging out with friends

Students of the Quarter

Name: Alex Klein Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Jonathan & Lisbeth Klein / Nominating Teacher: Kathleen Schippers / Activities: Boy Scouts of America / Hobbies outside of school: Reading, fishing, camping
Name: Allen Tian Grade: 10 / Parents/Guardians Names: Peter Tian & Yan Fei Yang / Nominating Teacher: Agriculture Department / Hobbies outside of school: Netflix, soccer, video games, writing
Name: Ben Becker Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Rob & Katie Becker / Nominating Teacher: Shannon Kelsey / Hobbies outside of school: Playing basketball, playing Minecraft, watching “Dirty Jobs” on t.v., fishing, shopping at hardware stores
Name: Dakota Nichols Grade: 9 / Parents/Guardians Names: Mike & Sarah Buckley / Nominating Teacher: Kathy Degner
Name: Danielle Carias Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Rich & DeAnna Carias / Nominating Teacher: Christina Walker / Activities: Student Council / Hobbies outside of school: Being with friends, making art
Name: Diego Vasquez Grade: 10 / Parents/Guardians Names: Domingo Jr. & Rachel Vasquez / Nominating Teacher: Nefti Lopez / Activities: Baseball / Hobbies outside of school: Video games, hanging out with my girlfriend
Name: Gabriel Torres Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Arnold & Amy Torres / Nominating Teacher: Ann Edkin / Activities: Orchestra / Hobbies outside of school: Motorcycling, Longboarding, playing guitar, cars
Name: Guisel Torres Grade: 12 / Parents/Guardians Names: Norma Sanchez / Nominating Teacher: Bret Woodward / Hobbies outside of school: Hanging out at the library, YMCA
Name: Isaac Banuelos Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Issac Banuelos & Cari Cook / Nominating Teacher: Annette Hovland / Hobbies outside of school: Working at Fareway
Name: Meghan Custis Grade: 12 / Parents/Guardians Names: Kevin & Laura Custis / Nominating Teacher: Mike Morgan / Activities: Swimming, Student Council, Model UN / Hobbies outside of school: Reading, hammocking, relaxing
Name: Skylar Tumlinson Grade: 11 / Parents/Guardians Names: Bob & Jolene Tumlinson / Nominating Teacher: Annette Hovland / Activities: Bowling / Hobbies outside of school: Bowling

Name: Mario Alba Grade: 12 / Parents/Guardians Names: Pedro Allen & Kristin Davis / Nominating Teacher: Vicki Tometich / Activities: Photography, Videography / Hobbies outside of school: Boxing (no picture available)


MHS travelled this past weekend to Des Moines East to compete in a variety of speech and debate events. On Friday the students competed in four rounds of speech. Jiselle Martinez took 4th in Humorous interp. Dalton Belekopitus took 3rd in Informative Speaking. Gabe Dipple took 2nd in Humourous interp. Jeremiah Daniels took 1st in Program Oral Interp. And the team of Caylie Mchonaha and Hannah Pautz took 1st in Duo interp. On Saturday the students returned for Congressional Debate. Dalton Belekopitus took 4th in Novice Congress. And Jeremiah Daniels took 4th in Varsity Congress. Congratulations Muskies!


Miss Goodale's Intro to Computers students practiced creating and formatting charts in Excel by sorting out different colored M&M candies.


This Friday, MHS Ag 1 students discussed eggs and poultry and Ag 2 students learned about measuring land with land surveying equipment.


The MHS Vocal Music Fundraiser is in full swing! Get your MHS Vocal Music Discount Card today and save literally HUNDREDS! This card isn't a punch card, it doesn't have tear-off tabs, you don't turn anything in to the business when you use it...this card is good and reusable for a YEAR. That's right--until October 31st, 2018, you can use this card to get discounts at FIFTEEN local businesses. Do you like Domino's? When you buy one pizza, get another pizza the same size FREE. That's your $10 right there, and with only one use! Do you like the Flower Gallery? Spend $30 and get $5 off. Need a car wash? Get $5 of the Rain-X Complete Car Wash at Miracle Car Wash and save half the cost of the card with one use.

The competition between choirs is fierce, and they're fighting to sell the most cards per member. Top seller in the program gets $100 and the winning choir gets to pick a group prize! Freshman Choir is in the lead today, but can they hold it??

Contact Mrs. Burford (teale.burford@mcsdonline.org) or Mr. Ryan (jonathan.ryan@mcsdonline.org) if you'd like to purchase a card, or see a high school choir student! We can also send you a pdf of the card deals so you can read all of them clearly before you purchase.

Get yours today--they won't be on sale for much longer!

Front of card--please note the Winter Glow concert has been moved to December 15th.
Back of the card listing all incredible deals! If you need a bigger version to read through before purchasing a card, please email Mr. Ryan or Mrs. Burford.
Daniel Salazar, Alana Rominger, Sadie Fillmore, and Emma Sand display the MHS Vocal Music Boosters Discount Card--for sale now and a fantastic way to save money for the whole year and support local businesses! See them or any other choir student if you'd like to purchase a card for only $10.


Congrats to Joe Wieskamp and Tyler Olson! Future Iowa Hawkeyes!

Thanks to all who submitted pictures this week!

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