The Fastest Men Alive Find out how the Flash has changed over years

Imagine you were a superhero running at the speed of light and sound. You can phase through walls, travel through time to worlds past and future, and run on water and up buildings. In the comic book world, there are three heroes whose powers are super speed: the Flash from Earth 2, Jay Garrick; The Flash from Earth 1, Barry Allen; and The Kid Flash from Earth 1, Wally West, who becomes the Flash later. Read to learn how the Flash evolved over the years.

Jay Garrick and Kid Flash fighting Zoom

Jay Garrick the Original Time Traveler

Jay Garrick was the first ever Flash from Earth two. The way he got his powers was when he was working in his lab as a scientist. He was doing an experiment and then BOOM! It exploded right in his face. When Jay woke up, he eventually he had super speed. Jay Garrick used his powers for good and fighting crime. But there was one villain who had Jay Garrick’s number. His name was Zoom. Zoom and Jay had fierce battles on Earth 2, and their rivalry is still ongoing.

Barry Allen fighting The Reverse Flash

The Scarlet Speedster is back in History

Barry Allen is a lot younger than Jay Garrick. He also received his powers differently. He got his powers in his lab working as a cop. While he was working he was struck by lighting. Barry was in a coma for nine months. When he woke up he was in STAR LABS. While in STAR LABS he learned he was running at the speed of light. Like Jay,Barry used his powers for good, too. But Barry also has a archenemy. He was named The Reverse Flash. There rivalry was fierce because the Reverse Flash killed Barry Allen's mother. But unlike Jay, Barry defeated The Reverse Flash. Now here comes the sad part. Barry dies. Barry and the whole D.C. universe were fighting the ANTI-MONITOR. There was a big explosion about to happen. Barry ran around the explosion so fast he disintegrated. The good part is he saved time itself from dying.

Kid Flash in the T.V. show Young Justice

Wally West back in Time

Wally West obtained his powers the same way as Barry. Wally was struck by lightning and then had super speed. When Wally learned he had super speed, he worked as Barry Allen’s sidekick for a while. After Wally was done as the Flash's sidekick, he joined the Teen Titans. This is a group of superhero sidekicks. In the group is Robin, Raven, Kid Flash, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire. But when Wally discovered the tragic news that Barry died, he took over his place.

Barry Allen´s Suit Compared to Jay Garricks suit

A Terrific Transformation

The Flash evolved From Jay to Barry to Wally. The sad part is Barry’s dead. Now Wally and Jay are the only two Flashes left. Also the suit evolved. It went from Jay Garricks classic suit to Barry and Wally's new suit. Now the Flash has evolved into a T.V. show instead of a comic. Since Barry is dead Wally and Jay are doing there best to save Central city while protecting theirs.

The Evolution of the Flash
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