Visual Gold

My name is Riley Brady and I like photography because you can showcase what areas you excel at in the field. I also like to do hands on things, and photography fits into that perfectly.

(Left to right starting at top = v, i, r, a)
The hands on tintype method has more merit in my opinion. This is because it is a harder process to do, as it takes more time and patience, and it has a better final product compared to the mimic tintype process.
The process involved printing the negative onto transparency paper and using that to transfer the photo to water color paper using the light box. I like being able to create my own photo and having the final outcome in my hands. I like how it came out, but I could have washed the final print off better.
Left = Asphalt Right Top = Inside of Tree Right Bottom = Tire
All of these pictures were captured on my phone. The picture of the lighter is for artificial light and it was taken at night while resting on a table. I chose to use the lighter because I liked how the flame lit up a small area while the actual body of the lighter cast a shadow. The picture of the stone was taken in the morning hours, around 8. I chose to photograph the rock and it's surrounding area because the light was shining through in certain areas and see how there is some dew on the leaves, making them shiny. The picture of the stump was taken in the evening hours, at about 5. I chose the stump because it had a golden glow on it from the setting sun.
Working with others on this project required a lot of direction and adjustment. The subjects had to keep repositioning themselves to make the picture work. This idea was chosen because it has a funny theme to it and it was fun to capture. To improve this picture, I should have turned on the negative capture so I could adjust all of the sliders.

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