Anna & Prince Engagement

Upon meeting Anna and Prince, you'll find they are an easy going couple - ready to roll and go with the flow. Anything we had planned for the day - they were ready for it. We already knew it would be a fun day with a couple like Anna and Prince.

We found ourselves blazing a trail through nearby woods and finding secluded pockets on the shoreline for peaceful moments. Anna led with Prince in tow.

As we made our way into the thicker areas of the woods, Anna and Prince showed us their fun creative sides as a couple. Breaking out red noses for a quick portrait and Prince showing us some of his dance moves invoke genuine smiles from Anna were some of the highlights of our day together.

Anna placing a flower behind Prince's ear. The affectionate and fun sides of the couple unfolded at the end of the woods.
Anna finds her Prince.
With the sun setting along the shoreline of Caumsett, the two enjoyed a quiet moment together.
Practicing their first dance along the shoreline.

We can not wait for your Wedding Day, Anna and Prince!

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Alchemedia Studios

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