Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium

RICHMOND, Va. – The University of Richmond and the Department of Athletics have announced plans to renovate historic Millhiser Gymnasium as part of the broader project to build the University’s Well-Being Center and the Queally Athletic Center. Construction on the entire project will begin in earnest this spring with completion slated for the fall of 2020.

Historic Millhiser Gymnasium will become the new home for the Spiders’ close to 400-plus student-athletes with its transformation into the Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium. The center will house Student-Athlete Academic Services and the expanded Spider Leadership Program. The center will include individual and group studying areas, tutoring spaces, classroom, and designated areas for academic support and leadership development of all student-athletes.

“Millhiser Gymnasium has an important place in the history of Richmond Athletics,” Vice President and Director of Athletics John Hardt said. “This project allows us to preserve the history of Millhiser Gymnasium while breathing new life into the facility with its repurposing into the Student-Athlete Development Center. Working in conjunction with the University’s Well-Being Center, it furthers our efforts to provide the best services and support to our student-athletes.”

The Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium is strategically placed for Spider student-athletes, with direct connection to the Robins Center. The Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium will also have direct access to the new Queally Athletic Center and will also have a direct connection to the University’s Well-Being Center to help in the holistic approach to the total well-being of Spider student-athletes. The actual court of Millhiser Gym will also be preserved in the project and be incorporated into the new design of the center.

“The Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium will be a game-changer for Spider student-athletes,” Hardt said. “All of our student-athletes will have access to this state-of-the-art facility and it furthers our mission to be student-athlete centered in all that we do while being a national leader in supporting the scholar-athlete model.”

In addition, Millhiser Gymnasium will be the new home of the coaching suites for both men’s and women’s basketball. The new suites will be located in a new second-level of Millhiser, over-looking the Student-Athlete Development Center, and have direct access to the new Queally Athletic Center as well as its new grand entrance.

“The new Queally Basketball Practice Facility will have an immediate impact on both our men’s and women’s basketball programs,” Head Coach Chris Mooney said. “The new Student-Athlete Development Center at Millhiser Gymnasium, Queally Athletic Center, University’ Well-Being Center, Robins Center and basketball coaching suites in Millhiser all together and connected in one designated area will be cutting edge and become a national model. Our student-athletes having direct access to these facilities and services in one location will create an experience unlike any other in the country.”

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