my ideal job Moya cunningham. PAeDatricion

  • My job belong to the family social- you may be the kind of person who enjoys helping or caring for others.In a team project you will want everyone to get along well and stop arguing.People like you often enjoy the following jobs:
  • Nursing
  • Social work
  • Doctor
  • Speech therapist
What skills are needed for a paediatricians

Basic skills

  1. Ready comprehension medium (level 5)
  2. Active listening high (level 6)
  3. Writing medium (level 5)
  4. Speaking medium (level 5)
  5. Science medium (level 5)
  6. Critical thinking high (level 6)
  7. Active learning medium (level 5)
  8. Learning startegies medium (level 5)
  9. Monitoring medium (level 5)
  10. High level of skill required
Subjects needed

You need five gcses including maths,English,science plus two a levels with one science subject. Followed by 4 years of medical school and a 3-7 years internship and residency

What do you do in this job
  • general paediatrics - a hospital role covering children from birth to the age of 16. Most paediatricians have this generalist role
  • neonatology - this role specialises in looking after newly born babies. It is usually based in an intensive care unit looking after premature babies or those with problems at birth
  • community paediatrics - these doctors are based in the community and look after children with developmental, social or behavioural problems and those with a physical disability
  • paediatric cardiology - this is a small area which is a specialty in its own right. These doctors diagnose and treat children with cardiac (heart) conditions

A paediatric works on average 50 hours a week

Where they work:

  • Hospitals
  • Pediatric offices
  • General practice
  • Travel companies
  • Private healthcare organisations
  • Patients home
How much do they earn

The average annual salary of a paediatrician in the UK is approximately £105,000 with the lowest percentile earning about £80,000 a year on average and the highest percentile earning an annual average of £160,000

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