Hardy boys hunting for hidden GOLD Franklin w. DixOn

The plot is

frank and joe need to figure out and catch big Als gang who is also black pepper and bos all over the world

The characters are sheriff,Hank,Bart,frank,joe,Fenton or mr.Hardy,Gertrude,Mrs.Hardy,big al,jake,slim,Ben,bob dodge,Chet Morton,mike on slow,Jim Burke,tom.

The settings are in

Helena is one of the settings and that's where bob dodges armored car company is,lucky lode is where everyone else lives

My favorite part is

When frank and joe are fighting big al in the mine and frank and joe are using old shovels and frank conks big al in the head and big al gets defeated but big al was using a revolver.

The problem is

Some parts of big als gang keep escaping all the time so they are on of the hardest gangs to catch because the have plans to escape and most of the gang carrys guns and if they have to much suspicion they go to another state

The resolution is

This book is a mystery book and I think it's my most favorite hardy boys book to read so far in my life

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