Full Frontal Feminism by : jessica valenti

Full Frontal Feminism is a contemporary novel that highlights the numerous obstacles that women face and the specific difficulties concerning certain demographics of the female sex. While highlighting issues such as birth control, unfair representation in the media, workplace discrimination, LGBTQ+ rights, intersectionality, and the sexism of everyday life, Valenti explains the mutual benefits of feminism. Originally coined by English philosopher Charles Fourier in the 1890s, the term “feminism” originates from the French word “feminisme.” Often confused as an agenda against men, feminism is the idea that femininity does not equal inferiority. In short, feminism is the complete equality of the sexes; though, in practice, it stands for the equality for all. It is important to keep in mind, however, that feminism will not be valid until it is intersectional and observant in the differentiation of all women.

The fictional movie poster highlights some key women in politics that have, and continue to, change the world. From Angela Davis and the Black Panthers to Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the U.S. Supreme Court, powerful women continue to shape and reform the society we live in.
This haiku represents the biased belief that the female sex is somehow weaker than their male counterpart. From tanks to snakes, women have been the inspiration for the names of the most dangerous creatures and inventions on earth.
Many of the words and terms associated with feminism are skewed and transformed by their context in pop culture and the media. Feminist Flashcards aid in redefining the true meaning of the words and phrases that continue to play essential roles in labeling the concepts of our society.
It's essential for any platform or idea to appeal to many demographics of the population; it's a common misconception that feminism only benefits women and the agenda of misandry. Many different issues and problems that affect society and the culture of America can be linked to feminism.
Also known as the plight of the feminist, this map explains a hypothetical map that one travels in order to truly understand the problems and issues that women face.

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