Goodlife: Tour of the Harn Mason Strickland

This is a picture of an exhibit called the "Paula and Marshal Criser Garden." This was what I chose that expresses the medium of the art. I chose this art because it was one of the only artworks that had a landscape surrounding it. The artist, Marshall Criser, was a graduate of the University of Florida architecture program. I like this piece a lot because its not too much to look at but it's in a big space.
My favorite design element of the museum was the garden outside of the "David A. Coffin Asian Art Wing. This was by far my favorite part of the museum. I loved that it represented an asian landscape very well with the plants used. The asian wing itself was cool because of the different, simple, style of art the artist have.
These masks represent values that I hold close to myself. These masks were made by the Ibibio people of Nigeria and represent the deceased. One mask represents the people who led moral lives and were accepted into the spirit world. The other mask represents people who were immoral and were forced to wander. These values are close to me in the idea of going to heaven or hell.
This picture represents the good life to me. In my opinion, although I do not practice buddhism, Buddha represents the path toward enlightenment. It also looks like Buddha is using zen to meditate in the picture, another way to try to find happiness.


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