Self-Designed Exhibit Proposal by COle Gaston

UTA Hours/PAL Sessions Experiment

For this exhibit, I will be testing the positives and negatives of UTA Hours and Pal Sessions. To test this, I will be observing the effects on my engineering grade. Now, I have never visited UTA hours for this course so it should be a good representation of the effects.

To see results I will be comparing my previous exam 2 grade (a 70) , to my exam 3 grade. However, while studying for my third exam, I will be visiting the UTA hours for the course to help my learning.

During the UTA hours, it is somewhat student-ran. I asked questions on things I was unsure on and students who previously took the course are available to help. This is very helpful as they likely know the problems you are experiencing and can explain it differently than a professor.

After studying and visiting the UTA hours for this course I got a 95 on my third exam. Granted, it is typically an easier exam than previous ones, but I 100% felt stronger about this exam than any others we'd previously had.


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