U.s.a. Comparison By:Turner S.

A difference between the nations the United States and Thailand is the United States grows wheat, corn, other grains, fruit, vegetables. While Thailand grows rice, cassava, (manioc, Tapioca), rubber, corn and sugarcane. These things are very different, from each other and really shows how different the climates are. A similarity between these two countries is that they both grow grains and a few other similar things.

These two countries also have very different industries from each other. The U.S. main industries are Petroleum, steel, motor vehicles, aerospace, and telecommunications. These industries are mostly based on what the U.S. uses a lot of, like steel and motor vehicles. The Major Industries for Thailand are, tourism, textiles and garments, agricultural, processing, and tobacco. These industries mainly help get money for the country and for the people of that country, like tourism. A similarity between the two countries industries is that they also have things that they might use/consume like the food they produce from agriculture.

Thailand and the United States.

A difference between the two countries climates is that the U.S. is mostly temperate, where Thailand is more tropical and rainy. They are also similar in that regard because Thailand does have some parts of it that are temperate. There is a large difference in the highest and lowest elevations in these two countries. U.S. highest and lowest elevations are, -86 meters below sea level and the highest is 6,190 meters above sea level. Thailand’s highest and lowest places are, 0 meters above sea level and the highest is 2,576 meters above sea level. A similarity between the height of the two is that the lowest is 0 degrees or lower than sea level. A difference between the two places natural hazards is the U.S. has earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes while Thailand mainly has droughts. The similarity between the two is they both have droughts.

Another difference between the U.S. and Thailand is that the U.S. has a higher literacy rate than Thailand. A similarity between the two is that they both have a very high literacy rate of over 95%. A difference between the countries is Thailand has a lower life expectancy than the U.S. A similarity between them is that they both have a very long life expectancy that is over 70 years old.A similarity of these countries is they both speak a few of the same languages, like Asian. A difference of their languages is that the main language in the U.S. is English and the main language in Thailand is Thai.

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