Minimum wage hurts By: kathya castro guevara

It's hard to imagine living a life where your living off of $7.25 a week. Yet, over 10 million people and families do, which is why the minimum wage should be raised.

Those living off the minimum wage have a hard time paying off poverty, affording a house, and everyday essentials.

According to the Congressional Budget Office report, “Increasing the minimum wage to $9 would lift 300,000 people out of poverty, and an increase to $10.10 would lift 900,000 people out of poverty” (Fredericksen).

This means nearly hundreds of thousands of people can get out of poverty and be able to afford a home or at LEAST an apartment. That meaning a family living on the current minimum wage would be crowded in a one bedroom apartment. Then again, you can't forget about your everyday needs, not only for yourself but also for the children who have parents working on minimum wage.........

Everyone has everyday needs, like food, clothing, kitchen ware/ house ware, furniture, phones, etc. These may seem as little everyday things, but their apart of your "schedule".

Especially clothing. Clothing is a big thing in our society. It's a way to express yourself, many of us have outfits we love and wear on special occasions. Imagine living without these things, like the amount of clothing you have, your phone, your house, plumbing, electricity, etc.

Those working minimum wage may be able to afford housing, although food is a hard one, especially if it's a family. It's hard for all of them because they aren't getting the the proper nutrition they need. Eating the same thing will make you lose interest and taste. It's not good for your health either.

Therefore, the minimum wage should be raised for families and individuals to afford housing, poverty, and everyday needs.


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