Celebrating 56 Years in the Trojan Family USC Viterbi Honors Bob Scholtz

Fifty-six years - over half a century. That's how long Robert Arno Scholtz has been a professor of electrical engineering at USC Viterbi. He has graduated scores of PhD students, won countless awards, founded the world famous UltRa Lab, co-founded the equally famous Communication Sciences Institute at USC, and literally wrote the book on Spread Spectrum Communications. But Bob is so much more than a world-renowned researcher. Together he and Lolly, his wife of 57 years, have come to epitomize what it means to be part of the Trojan Family. So let's talk about Bob and Lolly for a moment...

Bob (left picture) and Lolly (right picture, bottom left) both grew up in the 1940s. Bob in Ohio and Lolly in California.
Bob and Lolly were married on June 16th, 1962. One year later, they moved to Southern California and Bob joined USC.

He quickly got to work and eventually wrote the landmark history of spread spectrum technology: “The Origins of Spread-Spectrum Communications”

Since then, Bob has graduated 52 PhD students. And Lolly has been right by his side supporting those students as her own.

Together Bob and Lolly celebrated holidays with their students.

And Bob's 60th birthday...

And his 70th birthday...

And his 80th birthday!

They hosted students at their Arizona Ranch - Leaping Lizard Ranch.

And worked on home projects...

And hosted dinners at the ranch.

And taught them Trojan Values.

"Bob taught me not to get on the bandwagon, but how to lead the bandwagon."

Moe Win, former student and current MIT professor

That kind of wisdom isn't imparted in the lab, or from a textbook. It's taught by example, by being relatable, and by sharing time together as more than just advisor and student.

Bob is a world leader in ultra-wideband technology, which is used in short range communications. But he was always equally at home...

On a raft...

Or on an ostrich...

Or on a tractor...

Or in a hole.

It was for all these reasons and many more that Bob and Lolly's close friends, former students, colleagues, and family came together on April 4th, 2019 to celebrate Bob's retirement.

Old friends begin to arrive
A lifetime of awards and research was on display for guests to see.

Bob inspects the troops: several of his former students traveled from all over the world to celebrate with him...

Robert Gray, professor emeritus at Stanford, was Bob's third PhD student from all the way back in 1969. He traveled from Boston to be with his teacher. Hear his story about when he realized he wanted Bob to be his advisor.

Bob, and his wife Lolly, receive leis from Professor Urbashi Mitra, the current Communication Sciences Institute (CSI) co-director, who organized the event honoring her predecessor with other CSI faculty.

Close friends Andrew Viterbi, PhD '62, namesake of the USC Viterbi School; George Bekey, USC Viterbi professor emeritus; and his daughter Michelle Bekey; USC Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos; and Beatrice Golomb, a professor of medicine at UC San Diego and daughter of the late Professor Sol Golomb, were there as well.

Bob and Lolly have been together for 58 years, and a part of the Trojan Family for 56 years. Listen to what these two dedicated Trojans have to say to close out the evening.

From everyone at the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, thank you, Bob!

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