The Divine Savanna Ogburn


Before the play

Spatial Experience

The theater was very beautiful when we walked in to take our seats. The stained glass windows on the stage were eye catching. Just before the play started snow like particles began to fall from the ceiling near the stained glass which was pretty amazing. The Constant theater is not large which gives an intimate feel to the play. My seat was in the middle of the theater, close to the stage, so it was very exciting when the actors walked by!


I attend the play with one of my friends. It allowed me to enjoy the play more because I had someone to share the experience with. Unfortunately a lot of people around us left after the first act, which I thought was very rude and kind of put a damper on the social experience. However, my friend and I watched the whole play and really enjoyed it.

Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Even though this play was set in the late twentieth century, there is still issues that are presented in the play that relate in today's society. One of these issues was deciding what is right and wrong, (Machud following through with his play despite it's serious matter).This play also dealt with the issue between the different economic statuses or classes, which today is not as cut and dry, but still is apparent in our society (poorer people have less opportunities). This play was set during the time of the industrial revolution which was very difficult for poor people due to the long work week, awful conditions, and child labor. However, watching the play unfold these troubles was very powerful and allowed me to imagine those times more easily than just reading it in a textbook.

Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt, allows us to realize that no matter our class is in society we all deal with some kind of troubles. Talbot dealt with a hard life of abuse and attempt to make a good life for his family, while Machud was stuck between becoming a priest but following his passion. Furthermore, this play showed many humorous mishaps that many people can relate to. Finally, the drammatics of the theater allows us to lose ourselves and just simply enjoy this art. All of which provides us a katharsis, or a way to "come clean".

After the play

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