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Ronald Reagan saw the country of Grenada as a threat to the US because of its Marxist authority. Reagan sent in over 1,000 US troops. This was a tricky task because the troops were met by Grenadan armed forces. Seeing that they were in over their heads, Reagan sent in more troops to help fight. The US were able to successfully overthrow the government in Grenada and replace it with one that was not a threat to America.
During Reagan's presidency there were many social issues facing the country. These issues were very controversial and for some Reagan was able to help with programs and strategies he had.
Ronald Reagan was very clear when he was elected president that he wanted abortion to be illegal. His view was that no women should be allowed to have an abortion unless they needed it to save the woman's life.
Ronald Reagan proposed and amendment that allowed organized or individual prayer in public schools. He said that the government shouldn't be allowed to restrict anyone from their right to pray even in school. This law made it legal for people to pray alone or in organized groups, but no one was required or forced to participate in praying.
Both Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, were very open in the views on drug abuse. They both agreed that it was a rising problem, effecting all generations of Americans. They mainly focused their attention of the problem of drug abuse in teens and young adults who were the future of the country. Reagan was a supporter of the program his wife helped with called, "Just Say No." This was a program focused on keeping teens away from the issues that drugs led to in life.
Regan had many plans to help the US with its struggling economy. His plans became known as Reaganomics. These plans were all focused at aiding the economy and the American people.
The idea of trickle-down was one of the most important of Reagan's economic plans. This was basically the idea that by cutting taxes on the wealthy and allowing them to have more money, they would turn back to help the economy. Reagan's thoughts were that if the wealthy had extra money they would invest it into businesses which would lead to more jobs opening up for the lower classes. The more jobs that opened up, the better it was for the economy. This was a good and new idea but it didn't always work due to the fact that some of the wealthy class didn't use this extra money they had in their pockets to help the economy.
Another one of the plans that Reagan had to help the economy was cutting government spendings. He moved around a lot of government money to areas that he thought needed it the most. He moved a lot of money into helping with the military which he thought was a good idea but it only sent the US into even more debt.
The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was a program which began under the authority of Ronald Reagan. The plan for the SDI was to use weapons based in space, like lasers, that could be used to destroy nuclear weapons from other countries. The idea was that satellites in space would detect if other countries, specifically the Soviets, were building nuclear weapons. These lasers would have the power to destroy the weapons before that country was able to do any damage to the United States.


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