Paper Chains By Owen-Glass

The Rope & The Rabbit

2019 | Pop

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“Cutting through clouds to a city made to rust. -- Every big boom comes on the heels of a bust. -- But what’s it worth when the sky falls, when the ground opens up? -- Stack it up all you want to It’ll never be enough."


  • This song is a direct compliment to Here It Comes that we covered elsewhere on here.
  • Songwriter Kelly describes the bands genre as Anti-folk indie jam rock.
  • The production process for The Rope & the Rabbit involved chord-based folk songwriting that incorporates gospel-esque chorus repetition and roomy arrangements which allow for the showcasing of each individual instrumentalist.


Luke Tatum

Paper money: the one of the most critical components in the modern state machine. Do you think a country could be multiple trillion dollars in debt without the power to make money from nothing? Of course not. The evils of state control of money are many, from financing adventurous wars to paying back debts at a reduced present value. Stellar song! Join me in breaking off these paper chains, won't you?

Sherry Voluntary

This song is so good! Another libertarian with high production values and lyrics that are not too on the nose. I love the “paper chains” allusion. The paper chains that The Fed has put on the U.S. and the world are very strong indeed. So glad to see this kind of message done so well. #endthefed

Nicky P

This song reminds me so much of old school Dave Mathews Band. I imagine it has decidedly less communism than I remember those albums having. I love the visualization Kelly condenses down on this song. Its a trope amongst Austro-libertarians that the economy is functioning on a long binge and is going to need to come down and deal with the hangover. A particularly awful hangover since we routinely find ways to avoid dealing with our FED induced bubbles. My only issue with the song is that they seem like dog-whistles at time. Kelly is too good a songwriter and manages to obscure a lot of his intention. Hopefully it's sneaking in the backdoor subconsciously.

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Nicky P

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