Gender Roles By Colleen barrett gender roles in Elizabethan England

In general, compare and contrast the role of women and mean in the Elizabethan Society:

Men did the labor of farming at a distance from home while women were responsible for the work inside the house . The women had to keep the home healthy and well nourished so the kids had a safe environment. The men could work as whatever they wanted to do but all the women could do was be a chef or house wife.

What types of jobs could women have? What types of jobs couldn't they have?

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Who was expected to "look after" women? Why did the Elizabethans feel this had to be done?

The women fathers, uncles, husband and brothers would keep a eye on women because they were seen as inferior in this day in age and that they were completely unintelligent.

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3 rights women had in Elizabethan England women didn't have that women in America have today.

1. They were not aloud to be involved in medicine and law.

2. They were not aloud to act or right publicly.

3. up until the 1500's they weren't aloud to be educated.

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