There are many villains through out The Kite Runner like the Taliban, but the main villain in the story for Amir is one-eyed-Assef. A childhood bully that prayed on kids that were smaller, weaker than he was. In the novel Kite Runner the author Hosseini writes a historical fiction to show us the life of two boys living in Afghanistan. Though out the novel our villain is big Assef that went from a childhood bully to a truly evil man in the world. The Kite Runner shows the readers how Amir changed through the book with someone like Assef in it. We know Assef will not be a good person later in life cause he says " About Hitler. Now' that's a leader. A great leader." (pg 39)By these short three sentences it can be shown Assef will never be a good person in life.

During Amir's childhood he didn't stand up for himself or anyone, so that was a play ground for bullies especially someone like Assef. Since there was no one to stop Assef he ran the neighborhood as it was his. " he walked the neighborhood like khan strolling the land...his words were law, and if you need a little education, then those brass knuckles were the tool" (pg 38 ch.5) By using this quote from the book it shows how Assef is the man in charge of the neighborhood, its his way or the highway to getting beaten. During this point of the book Amir would of never thought of standing up to Assef, but Hassan who would do anything to keep Amir safe even if it meant he had to go up against Assef. The time Hassan stands up for Amir, Amir doesn't do the same for Hassan. " Blocking Hassan out of the alley were three boys, Wali was standing one side, Kamel on the other, and Assef in the middle" (pg 71) At this time Assef is going to do the worst thing to Hassan, and Amir doesn't stand up for the person that has been there for him through everything. He runs like away like a coward leaving his friend/ half brother. From the beginning of the book we learn Amir doesn't stand up for anything and is a coward.

When Amir goes to America he forgets about Assef, and what happened to Hassan. In America Amir didn't really have a villain, but he is reminded of Hassan by a call from Rahim in Pakistan. He goes to Pakistan to help Rahim cause he is extremely sick, and he gets more than what he bargained for. Once he is in Pakistan he learns what happened to his home town while he was gone, and learned what happened to Hassan who had a child named Sohrab. When Amir goes to find Sohrab he finds out he as been taking by the Taliban from the orphanage. " He'll be the one wearing black glasses" (pg 257) The guy with the black glasses will know where he is. At his point of the book Amir as gained courage cause if he was still a little boy he could of ran like he has done before.

After Amir meets with the guy in black sunglasses he learns it's his childhood bully but worse. The black sunglasses is Assef holding Sohrab as a prisoner/ slave. Since Assef is with the Taliban he as the most power ever. " Door to door calling for men and boys. We'd soot them right there in front of their families." (pg276) Assef finds amusement in the story he is telling Amir about him killing innocent men cause they had the power to, and no one could stop him like back in their childhood. Since no one ever put Assef in his place he became hungry for more power, and being part of the Taliban gave him that. The power went to his head becoming a sick monster. "He kissed the side of Sohrab neck. The boy flinched a little" (pg 282) Assef has ruined Sohrab's childhood. To get the boy back Assef decided him and Amir are going to fight for him. Amir bloomed from a coward little boy to a man not going down without a fight. He knew there was a high chance he wasn't going to come out alive. Amir fights Assef which wasn't the greatest fight, but Assef does become one-eyed-Assef thanks to the trusty slingshot and Sohrab. After the incident Assef will probably never be the same like he was before.

Through the story the villain Assef helped show us how Amir has grown to become a man. I feel like Amir would teach Sohrab how to stand up for himself and other people. With this learning experience Amir learned the same things, and found the courage inside of him.


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