ANIME RELATED™ Part 4: genlOcked(in)

We’re all stuck inside but we can still Cosplay. Details below.
Our successful kickstarter campaign image from September 2019
Mission statement: Documenting the influence of Japan on the American Media and it's Youth. Life in Cosplay during the curve.
We want you to be in our fourth upcoming documentary.

If you’d like to send us your video(s) about your life in Cosplay and being self quarantined, we’d love to help share it with the world. We’re looking to gather as many videos shot by the community about life of fandom during these rough times. 18+ or get your parents permission (email us below).

A movie in the making.

This movie will be fully made by the community. Your daily life, your words, your story. Inspired by “Life in a day” documentary, we think it’s time for another version told by us in the Cosplay community.

Grab your camera or grab your phone and start shooting now. Upload your videos (new or old) to YT about your life in Cosplay, about your days before, during, and after life in quarantine (while the curve is flattened.)

Tell us about your costumes, what you are looking forward to once this blows over, what have you missed because of this quarantine. Teach us something about what you know about Cosplay, cover a song, show us some Para Para. Just a few ideas for you to start off with. Come up with your own, tell us what you’d like the world to know.

email us any links to your YouTube uploaded video(s) and we’ll grab them from there. No virus checks for us , no unsecured websites for you to upload too.

email contact info and links: info@animerelated.com , subject: Anime Related 4 submission.

Open to all languages and people and pets around the world. 18+ or get your parents permission, we’ll need this in writing. We’ll do our best to make this all inclusive and use as much of your video(s) in the final cut. We’ll release it on as many platforms as we can if we can raise money for it. YouTube would be the first choice along with a Blu-ray release. This will be a not for profit project. No money made, no money paid. Deadline set for early September 2020.

10th year anniversary video
Manga : Ken Kan Ryu Protest
Lo-Fi "What's Yaoi" Video
* DVD & Blu-Ray quality is far superior.
correspondent's Class in Japan
after school
In ANIME RELATED 4: Genlocked(in) , we are bringing Cosplay from around the world to your screen.
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Will Jimenez