The Elegant Accessory Hot SAND, COOL OCEAN : REVIEW OF Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Part 1

Climate, Gear & Lodging

Rehoboth Beach at 7AM

The Weather

July/August is a time when most are seeking refuge from the exhausting heat. I count myself among the many that feel the need to dive into a big body of water to cool off. With the weather and erosion challenges that coastal cities are experiencing I feel it is important to get out, enjoy and support these vibrant communities. Rehoboth has a diverse set of options for family fun, but a nice stretch of sandy beach is usually the first on everyone’s list. It’s good to know a bit about the beach weather patterns during Delaware summers. Usually between June and August temperatures reach into the mid- to high-eighties. Occasionally (but unusual) Rehoboth sees high temperatures (100-103) for several days in a row. This was the experience my family had mid-July of this year. The game changer in Delaware summers isn’t the heat ... it’s the humidity. Generally you want to consider the trade off of higher humidity and lower temperatures (mornings) verses lower humidity and higher temperatures (late afternoon). Plan your beach visit accordingly.

As mentioned above our experience in mid-July was with really hot weather. While the ocean temperatures in July are typically warming (high 60’s to low 70’s) the contrast with a 96 degree air temperature can be bracing. On overcast or low temperature days the water can feel a bit chilly. If you are going to be out near the beach late at night you may want a lightweight sweater or cover up. Also be aware that summer thunderstorms can come in fast and be intense. Watch the weather daily to know what’s coming at you. I can’t say this loud enough ... if there is a storm coming or on top of you ... get off the beach and the boardwalk - immediately. Lighting strikes on the beach are more common than most folks realize. Storms occur more frequently as you move into late August and Tropical Storm season. If you keep these things in mind you will have great time. Delaware beaches are clean, inclusive and lots of fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay even with the high temperatures.

The Gear

I have wanted to do a review of Rehoboth Beach for a while and felt it would also be a good time to feature some new products at Town and Shore Handcrafted. We are only a few hours north of Rehoboth Beach, so a road trip is a great chance to use my Fortuna travel bag. Shorts or dresses made of natural fabrics like cotton or linen are great for daytime. Silk, modal or other lightweight synthetics are better for night. I wore wedge espadrilles, a lightweight cotton sundress and a Anna basket bag that would allow me to go straight from the car to shopping on Rehoboth Avenue.
Town & Shore Handcrafted Fortuna-18 travel bag, jute & leather basket tote with silk wave scarf, hand-stitched leather mid-rise espadrilles

Beach Running

Sandals and a great pair of boat loafers will cover most shoe needs for guys. If you’re the type who insists on getting your cardio in on vacation, the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk is a mile long, which makes it easy to track your distance. Don’t underestimate the humidity: bring extra water. If you want to run on the beach consider timing your run for low tide so you’ll have well packed sand rather than having to slog through dunes. Either way remember the sand stays with your forever ... and ever.
Town & Shore Handcrafted : Anna 3D Bow Pouch, Exotica necklace, smocked cotton sundress, canvas & leather basket tote
A good pair of sandals, polarized sunglasses, beach hat and your favorite sunscreen are a requirement for daytime activities. I also bring along a Anna Bow Pouch for afternoon shopping and evenings out when I want to travel light with only essentials. Espadrilles are great for day to night dressing. I stick with moderate height wedge heels for night time deck parties and dancing.

I won’t go into swimsuits, there are plenty of sites and blogs that go into better detail than I can on the subject. A word of warning for children’s feet! You will want a good pair of pool shoes for wading or swimming at the beach. Rehoboth Beach sand is great however as you enter the surf you will notice some parts of the shore have lot of broken shells and larger pebbles. Some parts of the beach are fine sand and can quickly turn into rougher terrain. Young children with tender feet can benefit from wearing snug fitting pool shoes to protect against rough shells, hot sand and the occasional jellyfish.

The Lodging

When I began looking for accommodations for our summer vacation I wanted a place with the amenities of a large hotel, but the warmth and friendliness of a bed and breakfast. Too often the staff of mega-sized hotels in popular beach towns seem burned out by mid summer ... a little detached and less friendly. I also wanted enough space for my three person family (me, husband and child) to stay for a week or so without stepping on top of each other. Other things on our list of musts: walking distance to the beach, escape from the noisiness of the boardwalks late night revelers, peak season availability and access to everything that makes Rehoboth Beach fun for families. In my search I stumbled upon the Bellmoor Inn by way of an old article from House Beautiful magazine and decided to give it a try,

The Lobby

The New Castle Room

The Jefferson Library

The SunRoom

Initially I wasn't that impressed with the continental breakfast, and found it a little odd that it was catered. However on the second day I tried the omelette station; it's two cooks were great, adjusting and customizing orders to each persons needs. Some of the pastries they provide are also tasty - the chocolate chip muffin was popular with my family. Breakfast service starts at 7:30 and runs until 10.30 for those late sleepers.

Bellmoor Breakfast Room

The Gardens

The Fountains

The Cottage Near The Sea

Though the Bellmoor offers an array of room types, a number of the larger suites that were available when I booked were for adults only. When discussing our plans with the hotel, they made me aware of an alternative not listed on some of the travel websites - a Gardener's Cottage that sits just on the edge of the hotel's garden courtyard. The cottage's quaint two story structure has a small kitchen, one and a half bathrooms and two bedrooms with some charming details that are mentioned below. It also comes with two off street parking spots right next to the cottage - a definite bonus during busy beach weekends - as well as a screened porch on the back, and a small gated outdoor area.

The Garderner’s Cottage

The cottage sits just a few yards from the stairway that takes you to the family pool on the upper deck of the main hotel.

2nd Floor Family Pool

There are many charming features within the cottage like built-ins, crown and baseboard molding, wood plantation shutters. I love the effort the owners made to combine coastal and classic features within the decor. The Bellmoor does not show pictures of the bathrooms in the cottage ...for good reason....they are tiny... however, we found them to be functional and inconspicuous.

Guest over six feet tall will find a couple of areas where they need to watch their heads (the stairs up to the second floor, the second floor powder room). The first floor full bath was fine for our needs ( the tallest of us being 6'2"), however it may not be comfortable for big and tall family members who prefer lots of elbow room.

Gardeners Cottage : Living/dining area , 1st floor bedroom & 2nd floor bedroom

Beautiful hardwood floors, built in bookshelves, chest of drawers and closets capture the charm of antebellum era decor.

Second floor bedroom built-in's

The Cottage Backyard

A great outdoor area just of the back of the screened porch.

I have yet to find a hotel on the East coast that doesn't have noisy climate devices and the Gardeners Cottage is much the same. The units worked well, providing us with much needed comfort from the exhausting humidity and heat of mid-July. After a long morning on the beach together it was nice to collapse on the sofa, have a glass of cold sangria and some of those strawberries I tucked in the back of the fridge earlier. Hubby can escape upstairs to read and our daughter gets some time to play with her toys on the screened porch.

We had a lot of fun and a very comfortable stay. Our daughter, upon arrival, claimed the Gardner’s Cottage as her playhouse by the beach. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. I definitely would rate the experience of staying at the The Bellmoor a 4.5 overall (and a full 5 stars if the bathrooms in the Cottage were a bit larger).

This is the first half of my Rehoboth Beach review, in the second half I will cover some of my favorite food and fun spots. Sign up to get a product announcements and newsletter alerts on my website.

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Disclosure Notes: This review has been made by Liv McClintock on her own dime and is in no way a sponsorship paid or otherwise by the hotel or it's staff.

Photo Credits: All photos except those mentioned below were shot by Liv McClintock with all rights reserved. Photos of the Family Pool, Bellmoor Breakfast Room and indoor photos of the Gardeners Cottage entrance and beds are provided by www.thebellmoor.com and are property of the hotel.

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