The Gym Rat Reid Flora

As I'm working out in the gym I see another person working out but yet we look nothing alike. This guy seems a little bit older than me and looks likes he's from around here based on the way he walks around the place. He's flaunting the basic workout uniform. A grey muscle-T, blue baseball cap, the headphones that wrap around your ears like a snake, basketball shorts, and very vibrant neon green running shoes. This man seems like he might've skipped leg day but I don't want to make assumptions. He wasn't lifting heavy weight when I came up and I could tell because the fact that his face wasn't straining or have a look of difficulty on his face. I also notice that as he's lifting he's looking around to see if anyone important is watching him, I have a feeling that he's a gym rat and enjoys looking at himself. What I saw next just enhanced my theory, two girls walked by and they notice him but nothing out of the ordinary. He thought the ladies were checking him out and shouted to his friend, "Put some 10s on bro". They began putting weight on and getting prepared to lift. But the girls didn't seem to care about his muscles and it looked as if it discouraged him. The girls then move from the machines near him and I saw something that I could've seen coming. The girls walked away so he decided to not even do the weight he had his bro put on. I then went on to think this guy really isn't a fit hardworking individual and so I go to play basketball with a few of my buddies and as we're playing he walks in and starts shooting down at the other end.
Holy cow. I didn't expect this, he was shooting the lights out of the gym. He could shoot and I'm not talking about steroids. I realized this guy wasn't trying to get stronger for the ladies or to look at himself. He was training for some type of basketball team or league. His friend was just feeding him the ball over and over and he would swoosh it over and over. They began doing work out drills, he was like a white Michael Jordan. Crossing over, between the legs, and he could almost dunk but not quite. Just the way he played, was so athletic and quick. He was only about six foot one but it looked like his height was not a problem for him. You could just tell he was training because he wasn't letting his friend get the ball that much. I felt bad for my harsh reactions towards him. I judged him for trying to pick up some girls and I judged him based on what I first saw. I can learn something about this person and it would have to be that being a hard worker makes you feel good about yourself and his hard work was going towards basketball. And if you work hard at everything you do, it'll most likely pay off. Even if it doesn't pay off, you should still feel good about yourself and your perseverance.

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