M Y F U T U R E & what's ahead of me

Some of my favorite things -

- W H O -

I want to represent a creative, kind, fun person. I want to be trustworthy and known as a good person.

- What -

My aspiration is to attend Brigham Young University. I would like to become a pediatric endocrinologist-- a doctor that helps kids that have Type One Diabetes like myself. It takes a lot of schooling; 4 years for to get a bachelor's degree, 4 years of medical school, 3 years of pediatric residency, & 3 years of training. I hope I can get into my dream school.

BYU has the best ice cream & sherbet!

- where -

BYU has three different locations, the one that I would like to go to is in Provo, Utah. I really like this campus because I have been there many times and it is very welcoming. The environment feels good and the scenery is really beautiful. The people are really nice and willing to help you whenever you need. I really like Utah and I would hope to start my own family there in my future.

Provo, Utah is known for its "Y Mountain".

- when -

I will not be going straight to college after high school, I will be taking a gap year. For my gap year I will be teaching english as a second language in another country for elementary kids. I want to take a gap year because I want a chance to see the world before I go off to college. After that year, I hope to be accepted into BYU. I am taking the ACT test this year for preparation. The average score for ACT to get into BYU is a 29.

- Why -

BYU interests me because it has been a long-term goal I have had since elementary school. To get in, it is very competitive so it would be a huge success for me and all the hard work I have put forth toward my education. This school is an LDS private school so it would be easy to live with students with my same standards.

A youth conference I attended at BYU this past summer.

- how -

Dedication. By hard work during school, getting a great GPA, and receiving a satisfactory ACT score.

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