Exploration 1 By Jill sherlock

Topic 1: Does the same evolution of a movie change the audience's outlook on a particular movie? Does the advancement in technology make an original movie better or worse?

Movies such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast are classic movies that have been modernized over the years to newer versions or twist offs from the originals that can have an either positive or negative impact on the audiences view point of the movie. Some people may just love the classic and the newer versions cannot compare no matter how great they are. However, there are some people that may take an appreciation to the new works of art and favor them to the classics.
Have you ever watched a newer version of the old Disney movies or any movie as a matter of fact and it is not the same as watching the original? Although, yes the new versions of movies are fantastic, they cannot compare to the original work of art. The technology advances that have been used in the development in making these up to date movies can ruin the beauty of the simplistic work that was created in the original film. Have these technology advances in the film industry ruined the beauty behind the original work of art?

Topic 2: Do television shows and movies give unrealistic views of real life?

In most television shows or movies, there are unrealistic events that happen that are added for effect to the scene. In some cases, there are a chain of events that happen that would never actually happen in real life all sequenced together as they are portrayed in movies. Most characters have an easy way out of life, although they do face hardships and challenges to their character, they always happen to get out of a situation that in most cases would never happen. It is a wonder that if by people watching these movies and shows if they too believe that they could do as the character did and live as they live and get by with what the characters get by with.

Topic 3: Have movies overtime given an unrealistic viewpoint of love? Are men and women given a high standard for how love should be from movies?

Do these representations of love fill a fantasy of how "real love" should be? In many movies there is always the perfect man that is there fighting for the woman he loves and always says the perfect things, does the right things, and is there at the perfect moments. This can fill a woman's head with fantasies and also men's about what a perfect relationship should be. It is a wonder if this has an impact on real life relationships due to the fact that these expectations are not being met of the fantasy of a true love story.


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