The tIpsy cupcake dallas Alcohol infused cupcakes

Our cupcakes are $60 a dozen , $30 half dozen , all cakes are $110 depending size . Letter & heart cookie $60

We will have liquor lollipops & gummy bears again very soon along with chocolate covered tipsy strawberries !

PEACH CIROC cake w/ peach flavor schnapps and peach ciroc topped with a peach custard Buttercream icing

LEMMON DROP MARTINI -Vanilla lemon cake Topped with Lemmon custard frosting infused with citrus Ciroc

RED VELVET ROSE'-red velvet cake infused with Rose Champagne topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting.

STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI -Strawberry cake topped with a strawberry cream cheese sprinkled with a strawberry sugar

CARAMEL CROWN VANILLA - White cake infused with a caramel waffle cone and crown vanilla liquor , Topped with a waffle cone cream cheese liquer ..

CHOCOLATE FUDGE BAILEYS-Chocolate cake Infused with baileys Topped with a chocolate mudslide frosting .

LEMMON PATRON -Lemon cake infused with grand mariner and patron topped with Lemmon custard frosting

LIME MARGARITA - Lime flavored Cake infused with a sweet & sour lime margarita liqueur topped with margarita flavored cream cheese

STRAWBERRY CIROC - Strawberry cake infused with Tequila rose and berry Ciroc topped with a strawberry cream cheese frosting .

BLUEBERRY COCONUT MARTINI - Coconut Blueberry cake infused with Malibu rum Topped with a blueberry vodka cream cheese drizzled with our own blueberry vodka sauce

STRAWBERRY CRUNCH COCKTAIL - Strawberry cake with the strawberry crunch on the outside infused with Bailey strawberries and cream

LEMMON BLUEBERRY MARTINI -Lemon blueberry cake infused with the lemon blueberry Smirnoff topped with a blueberry Cream cheese

BANANA PUDDING COCKTAIL -Almost like banana nut bread infused with the banana rum topped with a real banana pudding cream cheese topping

COTTON CANDY MARTINI - Confetti Vanilla Cake flavored with real cotton candy pieces infused with a whip cream Vodka Topped with Cotton candy cream cheese frosting

HEATH MUDSLIDE -Chocolate cake infused with Kahlúa

WHITE CHOCOLATE HENNESSY -Chocolate cake infuse with Hennessy top with the white chocolate Hennessey cream cheese frosting

PEACHES & CREAM CROWN ROYAL - White custard cake and infused with peaches and cream crown royal topped with a peach crown royal buttercream swirled with a creamy custard cream cheese frosting

RASPBERRY PEACH CROWN ROYAL -Peach cake infuse with the raspberry crown royal peach mixture topped with a peach crown royal Buttercream

BLACKBERRY SANGRIA-sangria flavor cake infuse with the sangria top with the sangria cream cheese .. delicious

CINNAMON FIREBALL - Spiced Cake infused with Rum Chata & Fireball Topped with fireball infused cream cheese frosting

LIME MOSCOW MULE- White cake with a hint of Ginger & lime Infused with Smirnoff Moscow Topped with a Moscow buttercream

STRAWBERRY HENNESSY COCKTAIL - Strawberry cake infused with grand marnier and strawberry purée topped with a grand marnier cream cheese frosting

SNICKERS HENNESSY - chocolate cake infused with Hennessy topped with caramel cream cheese frosting and snickers pieces

GERMAN CHOCOLATE HENNESSY chocolate cake infused with white chocolate liquer and Hennessy an topped with German chocolate

STRAWBERRY PINEAPPLE HENNESSY Pineapple cake with a Strawberry puree’ infused with a Pineapple Hennessy Mix Topped with pineapple buttercream & Strawberry Drizzle

STRAWBERRY CIROC SHORTCAKE White cake with strawberry filling infused with strawberry ciroc topped with a cream cheese frosting an strawberry cream

LEMON CHEESECAKE CIROC lemon cake infused with real cheesecake an lemon vodka

WHITE CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY white chocolate cake infused with a white chocolate strawberry liquer , topped with a white chocolate buttercream and white chocolate strawberry

TIPSY BERRY PATRON White cake with mixed berries baked inside infused with our mixed berry patron mix , Topped with a mixed berry patron cream cheese frosting .

White chocolate WHITE PURE HENNESSY- White chocolate cake infused with a cognac cream filling topped with a white chocolate buttercream

BLUEBERRY PATRON blueberry cream cake infused with our blueberry patron mix topped with a blueberry patron buttercream