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First Semester

I chose to take Intro to Art because ever since I was little I've always had the passion and love to draw and create. At first I was expecting that we would use some sort of color but after the first class I realized that would not be the case.

I, personally, learned the most from the lights and shadows. In my self-portrait, I learned that the light that reflects on your face cause some areas to be darker than others. Including shadows in your art work makes the image come alive and makes it seem realistic.
At the beginning of the year I had thought I was a fairly good artist, I came in the classroom thinking that I would be able to do every project easily. As the year progressed I came to the realization that I was not as good as I thought. Pictured above are drawings of my hand. Clearly the one to the left was done at the beginning of the year. As portrayed you can see that my skill was increased within just a few weeks. This is only the beginning.
As you can see that when working with negative space I had not fully understood what to do. As we went on though I finally expresses what the negative space was in the next project we did (pictured right).
In this self-portrait I used what is known as chiaroscuro. Which is the contrast of light and dark to give the illusion of space. In other words it's using shadows to give a sense of realism.
As shown, this is another comparison of my artist ability. My first self-portrait (pictured left) was how I believed that I looked. As seen in the middle and right portraits I have exceeded in my ability to draw myself . I believe that I have improved I drawing everything from my eyes to the corners of my mouth. A year ago I wouldn't have been able to do anything like that portrait in the middle.
If I was to choose one project that I wish I could redo I would choose my cross-hatching. In all reality I didnt do this well and it doesn't look like what I had imagined. The only good thing I could say about this is that I tried my best but I need a little more practice before I could say I'm good at cross-hatching.
In my sketching experience I have made the most improvement im my drawing ability and in my technical skills. Before this year I have never had experience with charcoal, color blending, or even drawing contour lines. All the help I have received has made me into a better artist. With all the experience I've gained this year I can definitely say that my ability has heightened.
Second Semester
During second semester I learned the most from the second art project we did. Not only had I learned about wedging clay but I took inspiration from a desirerd artist Nam June Paik. From reading his articles I became aware of how to use different objects and put said objects in recognized places. While this piece did not use different objects I did take geometric squares and made certain areas of this piece rise, all while fitting into the shape of Newbraska. In this project I learned how to wedge, cut, and fire clay into works of art.
This semester we worked a lot with color theory. I learned that analogous colors work best together. Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. In relief printing I learned that starting with a darker color and putting lighter colors on top work well, after the original color dries. In the glass pendant I combined the colors bluw and green to make a somewhat symmetrical look.
I believe that I was able to master the art of tempera paint. While my finished project didn't turn out as well I was able to blend a multitude of colors while creating it.
The project I was not able to master was the oil pastel piece. While the photo above is not my finished project I still ending with not so fantastic results. I do have some painterly strokes in there, my end work was too dark and not blended well.
I believe that what. Have most improved on this semester is my creativity and my color use and knowledge. I believe that since I was able to use color in my projects my creative levels came and for the most part I was able to create the images i had in my head. On color theory I learned what colors work well together and which colors should not be placed near each other.

What I learned about myself this semester is that I work better with color than I do with charcoal. I hope that my art skills continue to flourish as they did in Intro to Art.

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