College Girl Takes on Intercultural Communication in the Arts Payton Byrd

For the purposes of an Intercultural Communications course assignment, I attened an event at the Harn Art Museum of the University of Florida.

The event was an Edit-A-Thon, where anyone interested was welcomed to gather in the art museum for a day of participating in editing Wikipedia articles and creating new ones...

...with a focus on Arts and Feminism.

Participant perspective at the Art + Feminism Edit-A-Thon event at the University of Florida's Harn Museum of Art

The manner in which leadership was revealed throughout the event was multidimensional, to say the least. I witnessed the power of leadership influence between peers, instructors, artists, reseachers and the internet.

As we have been dealing with the issue of race and resources in class, I connected the topics to this event, also. The entire focus of this Edit-A-Thon was to represent underrepresented people in the arts, by providing them with a voice on the internet.

Merely my presence, in such a scene, made a statement regarding difference, diversity and liberation.

I immediately recognized the differences between me and the majority of other attendees. It was certainly a left stretch from my comfort zone.

However, it was refreshing to see how men and women of diverse backgrounds came together to represent art and feminism within it.

I felt empowered, liberated and inspired by other women's art and learning that I have the ability to represent it.

Not only was the art I took part in researching and representing stir awe inside of me, it created a desire to work at representing myself.

The art, and participating in representing such, birthed a storm of thoughts and questions applicable to leadership and intercultural communications, that will not end here.

University of Florida student, Payton Byrd participates in editing a Wikipedia article for an under-represented, female artist at the Harn Museum of Art's annual Arts & Feminism Edit-A-Thon

I have come to realize how resources and influence are everything in intercultural communications and leadership.


Photos by, and of, Payton Byrd

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