Volunteer Newsletter: From Our House to Yours| Issue XII

Ronald McDonald House New York is stepping up for our families with our September Step Challenge.

Some teams have already crossed the finish line, but we still have time to step up for families staying at RMH-NY! Here are mini challenges to keep yourself going:

  1. How much have you fund-raised so far? Can you double it?!
  2. See how close to 300,000 steps you can make it as an individual!
  3. Create a social media post 3 times before the month is up to help us raise awareness!
Check out your updated race here.

To all of those steppers participating in our Step Challenge, you can see from this article that you are truly making a difference to families like Nadley's.

"We love the house, we couldn’t even come here, coming from Louisiana to New York City. If we didn’t have the Ronald McDonald house we wouldn’t be able to come. It’s been wonderful. They’re doing a great job with COVID and the meal service delivery is amazing. It’s just – it makes everything so much easier."

Click here to read the full Fox News article.

Post a picture of yourself in gold and tag @rmhnewyork or email nkelly@rmh-newyork.org to have your story shared!
I will never know what its like to walk in their shoes so I walk with them.
Since we can’t go gold together and share treats, please consider posting a picture of yourself in gold and tag @rmhnewyork or email nkelly@rmh-newyork.org to have your story shared!
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How to Support our Heroes Fund

  1. Create your own fundraising page on our website. Share the link with your family and friends to ask for their support.
  2. Host a special Event with your community and ask them to make a donation on your fundraising page. It can be anything you want! Some volunteers have hosted exercise or cooking classes. Get creative!
  3. Help us solicit Silent Auction Items. On October 28- November 11 we are hosting our annual online Silent Auction. Please think of any items or special experiences your job, friends or family may have access to and help us collect donated items to auction off this fall!

Red Bulls Dinner Party

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional soccer player? On September 9, RMH-NY families were treated to a fun evening of getting to know New York Red Bulls players Brian White (Forward), Ryan Meara (Goalkeeper), and Tim Parker (Defender). Steve Jolley, former Red Bulls Player kicked off the night with a game of “Would You Rather” where we learned that Ryan Meara would rather have his ice cream in a cup vs a cone because he feels as though that’s the adult thing to do! If you ask Tim Parker, no ice cream is complete without rainbow sprinkles. Brian White, who loves his Duke Blue Devils, picked cold weather over warmer weather, which makes sense, given you’ll never catch him without a beanie on - even when it’s 80 degrees outside.

The night continued with a game of “name three things” where RMH-NY’s Dylan kept everyone on their toes waiting to give his answer only when Steve said “GO”! He also showed the group lots of awesome Zoom backgrounds throughout the night. When Steve asked RMH-NY’s Tony what his three favorite toys are, Tony immediately knew his answer - he loves cars, planes, and trains, which all of the Red Bulls players say are some of their favorite toys too.

The evening ended with a Q&A for Brian, Ryan, and Tim where we learned more about what it’s like to be a Red Bulls soccer player. Each day the team is in by 9 am sharp. The players can quickly grab breakfast and must be ready for training to start at 10 am. After training, the team will gather to watch their films then head to the field for practice. Once practice ends, the team will hit the gym for any additional workouts before heading home. The Red Bulls are happy to be back together, practicing in person after a few months away.

Lots of fun was had meeting the Red Bulls and a special appearance was even made by Tim’s Bulldog, the Mayor of Downtown NYC, Woody!

Submitted by Christie Helvey

Virtual Dinner Party with Zocdoc

Terrific Trivia!

Monday night was such a special night to welcome back activities to the house––virtually of course! Kate from ZocDoc hosted a trivia night via zoom. There were 3 rounds of trivia: Birthdays, Superheroes and Disney themed questions. A few families joined in and it was so great to see everyone again on camera. Throughout the trivia game there were many laughs, dance breaks, and even a moment where people shared about their pets (both real animals and stuffed animals). Although the trivia questions were pretty difficult, we realized that there are some very smart people staying at the House! Michael, Tony, Daniel & Valentina were all winners and got to collect a prize afterwards. Overall it was great way to get everyone back together and we cannot wait for more virtual activities to come!

Submitted Kelly Quane

This week we want to highlight two of our volunteers who supported our Volunteer Department in Admin, Hayley and Maggie. Both of these volunteers have moved on from volunteering and have started working full time for 2 different Ronald McDonald Houses! Thank you for all your hard work and for always showing up to support Ronald McDonald House New York. Congratulations and all the best in your new positions!

Hayley Gribble

How you got involved: I got involved with RMH-NY through Maggie, my sweet angel. I had made the decision to stop pursuing musical theater, and was looking for a career where I could help people in need. Maggie led me to this organization and I immediately fell in love.

What was your experience like volunteering at RMH-NY:. My experience volunteering with RMH-NY was wonderful. It's what made me want to work for RMH!

What made you want to work at another RMH:I knew I wanted to work for this organization, but wasn't sure in what capacity. Recently, I made the decision to move back to my hometown, Wichita, Kansas, and I thought I would contact the house there to see if they had any job openings. Turns out they did! I was offered a job on the spot!!

What is your current position at your new RMH: I am one of the House Managers

Maggie Shelton

How and why you got involved with RMH-NY: My uncle was a volunteer with Ronald McDonald House and was always telling me how incredible the organization is and how rewarding it is to be a part of. I attended an event a few years ago and immediately fell in love with RMH's mission and all the incredible kiddos!

What was your experience like volunteering at RMH-NY: Incredibly eye-opening. It is one thing to be at an event and see all of the gratitude and happy faces, but volunteering with the Volunteer Department at RMH-NY I came to realize just how hard that team works to create these experiences for the families. There is so much research, planning, creativity, genuine compassion and hard work that goes into it and I wanted to be a part of that.

What made you want to work at another RMH: I knew I wanted to work with RMH, but I wanted to live in a city with more access to nature and hiking and had heard such great things about the Denver House, I couldn't be happier with my new city and House!

What is your current position at your new RMH: I am a Guest Services Associate at Ronald McDonald House- Denver. I check families into the House, give tours, help families find local resources, and run events to keep our kids entertained and feeling special.

Submitted by Helena Russo, Communications Volunteer


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