the snowmobile trip by austin copus

“Max, come down and get breakfast!”

“Be there in a second, Dad,” I said as I walked down the the old, wooden stairs. They creaked with each step I made. I was getting nervous about what dad was going to say when i asked him if I could go snowmobiling.

But he surprised me when he said, ”Sure. Make sure you check the gas, though, because the gas gauge is broken.” But by this time I was already halfway down the yard.

When I got to the garage I put on my helmet and snow gear. My dad knew the snowmobile was hard to start so he came down to the garage to help me. After he helped me start it he says, “Make sure you’re back before nine A.M.”


“Did you check the gas?”

“Yeah.” Vroom. “I'll just go through the short trails onto the straight away then turn around and come back.” “Sounds good.”

Then i took off through the the trails when i hit the straight away it felt like i was going 100 mph.i looked to my left and saw a old house. i've never saw that before. it must be because there were a bunch of trees there. i think I heard my dad talking about the dnr cutting them down this summer they must of done it early. ill ask him about it when i get back. i only went another mile before I heard beep beep beep ahh dangit i forgot to get gas

no no no no nooooo how am I going to get back now.

I guess I could walk to that old house i saw.

1 hour later. Finally I'm here. The door creaked as I opened it. “Hellooo anybody home?!” I went inside, I didn't see anyone. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was already 10:30. My dad's probably wondering where I am. I wonder if they have any food here. I walked over to the fridge the floor creaked with every step I took it reminded me of my house. I opend the fridge, a breeze of cold air came out. let's see here expired,expired,expired,expired oh here we go peanut butter and jelly. Ok now where's the bread. I look over and sitting on the counter is a bag of wheat bread. not my favorite but it'll do. A few hours later I started getting tired and looked for a bedroom. I found one upstairs there were two beds the first one was too hard the second one was just right when i Woke up there was a boy sitting in front of me I rushed to get up “why are you in my house he said” “wait a second this is your house” “yep” “but your only like twelve” “stop trying to change the subject why are you in my house” “I thought it was abandoned my snowmobile ran out of gas so I came here” “I heard some police people talking they were talking to some man they said they were done for today and their coming back tomorrow “how far away were they” “about a one and a half miles away that's where i set my traps” “traps for what” “for anything I can eat i'm running out of money” “don't your parents get you food” “my parents are dead” “oh then why are you here” “because I don't want to be put up for adoption” “so your saying no one knows you're here” “that's right and if the police find me they will put me up for adoption” “why”

“I don't know” “you could come live with me” “i don't even know you” “well where else are you going to go eventually you'll run out of food” “when we get back i can ask my dad you can come to school with me too” “I guess you're right” “we only have one problem we have no way back” “I think I might have some gas in the garage”we talked for another hour getting to know each other by this time it was about five o'clock it would be earlier but I didn't wake up until eleven it was getting really cold in the house so he made a fire i was amazed by his survival skills he made a fire in the middle of winter in the snow after the fire we went to bed he told me that the smaller bed was his and the bigger bed was his dad's he also told me his name is sean and his dad's name was jeff he let me sleep on his dad's bed the same bed that i slept on when I fell asleep the first night when we woke up we had eggs they were the last two four eggs he had and I guess i used the rest of the bread when we finished eating we went out to the garage to get some gas but when we got there, there was just an empty gas can sean remembered that there was some gas in his four wheeler he tried starting it but it didn't work he said one time he saw his dad stick a tube in the gas tank and suck in on it and all the gas came out of the tube so he tried it worked but he thought it wouldn't so he never bothered to get the gas can about a quarter of the gas spilt on the floor before I got a bucket but there was only like two gallon in the tank we put the gas that we got in the gas can and he went and got two mini boxes of cereal while I got a sled we put the gas can on the sled and and headed out for the snowmobile about an hour and a half later we got there we poured in the gas and started it, it took a couple try's but we got it “we might need to walk a little bit because I don't know if we will have enough gas and of course we didn't we went about four and a half miles before it ran out of gas witch wasn't to bad we only had to walk about another half a mile when we got to my house there were police cars all down our driveway a man shouted “you're coming with us” “who i said back” “sean” “why” “because we're putting you up for adoption” “wait one second let me talk to my Dad i said” so i sprinted into the house he was so happy to see me he hugged me for what seemed like forever when he was done i asked him “dad there is this boy named sean he is the one who let me stay in his house and he fed me his dad died about a year ago no one knows about his mom can he please stay with us”

“only if you guys promise to be good” that day my dad filled out the paperwork so he could stay with us and the next day he came to school with me I introduced him to my class and he made a lot of new friends.

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