safavid empire facts on the safavid empire

  • The Safavid Empire lasted from 1501-1722.
  • It covered all of Iran, and parts of Turkey and Georgia.
  • The Safavid Empire was a theocracy.
  • The state religion was Shi'a Islam.
  • All other religions, and forms of Islam were suppressed.
  • The Empire's economic strength came from its location on the trade routes.


The Safavid Empire was held together in the early years by conquering new territory, and then by the need to defend it from the neighbouring Ottoman Empire. But in the seventeenth century the Ottoman threat to the Safavids declined. The first result of this was that the military forces became less effective.

safavids leaders

Ismail I (1501-1524), Tahmasp I (1524-1576), Ismail II (1576-1578), Mohammad Khodabandeh (1578-1587), Abbas I (1587-1629), Safi (1629-1642), Abbas II (1642-1666), Suleiman I (1666-1694), Soltan Hossein (1694-1722)


The Safavid Empire was based in what is today Iran. This Islamic Empire was strong enough to challenge the Ottomans in the west and the Mughals in the east.

places taken over

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