What is a pediatrician? Nikki Narra

Pediatricians are doctors for children from birth to age 18 and sometimes 21.

Types of pediatricians- There are pediatricians who practice primary care, taking care of general needs of children, and there are others who specialize, for example, only treating kids with cancer, liver problems, heart problems, etc.ce

Where do they work? - some work in an office with or without a group, while some work in a hospital, health maintenance organization, clinic or medical school.

"I love kids, so two things I have thought about were being a pediatrician or kindergarten teacher "unknown

The Average Pediatrician: - Works 54 hours every week, sees 95 paitients per week, Works in a group practice, works in an urban area

Average Pediatrician Day- They usually start seeing patients from 8 or 9 pm and work till for 4 or 5 pm. For some, they have to work overtime or some might just stay longer for emergency child cases. Their day checkups consist of general checkups, vaccine shots, sick visits or follow up appointments. In addition to seeing patients in their office, during the day, a pediatrician will likely have to spend some time doing administrative work, giving advice on the phone, filling out forms and doing other paperwork, doing research and sometimes teaching.


Qualities- Comprehension, active listening, writing,speaking, science, critical thinking, active learning, learning strategies

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