Mars Exploration IS THERE LIFE BEYOND planet earth?

Is there life beyond planet Earth? That's exactly what NASA is trying to figure out. Development of the Onion Crew exploration vehicle has begun production and is expected to be ready for use by astronauts 3 years from now in 2020. The hope is that it will be able to bring humans back to the moon and to mars. NASA's knowledge of Mars has been enhanced tremendously throughout the process of creating the Onion Crew exploration, which makes human travel to Mars more plausible than it has ever been before. Wether or not this is a legitimate possibility remains to be seen, but it seems that we may be getting and closer and closer to having a human step foot on Mars.

The Red Planet

"If the United States commits to the goal of reaching Mars, it will almost certainly do so in reaction to the progress of other nations - as was the case with NASA, the Apollo program, and the project that became the International Space Station." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Are physical forces alone at work there, or has evolution begotten something more complex, something not akin to what we know on Earth as life? It is in this that lies the peculiar interest of Mars." - Percival Lowell, Mars, 1895.

The planet Mars -- crimson and bright, filling our telescopes with vague intimations of almost-familiar landforms -- has long formed a celestial tabula rasa on which we have inscribed our planeto-logical theories, utopian fantasies, and fears of alien invasion or ecological ruin. - David Grinspoon, Scientific American, Nov. 2005

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