Digital Edition Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Digital Edition

Warm Welcome to our newest members. MEMA is lucky to have you both join the Association and we know you will do great things!

Charlie Summers, MEMA's President & CEO and Christa Fairbanks, MEMA's Benefits Administrator

MEMA Heads Into a New Era

Click here to read a letter from the staff regarding all the changes MEMA has faced over the last year and our excitement about all the new items coming down the pipeline.

From left to right: Hannah Estes, Sarah Nadeau Jamie Py, Robin Manson, Jen Grace, Matt Morrison, Bryan Champagn

Biofuels & The Future

by John Huber from NORA

As I write this, there are nearly six million homes without power resulting from Hurricane Isais. So, obviously, the solution to global warming is more electrification. However, global warming is a major concern, and electrification on first review seems like the solution. Many policy makers see offshore wind delivering massive amounts of electricity at low prices, and heat pumps delivering 300 percent efficiency. It’s almost like there is a free money truck in the neighborhood... Read More Here

Celebrating Jamie Py’s 25-year career with the Maine Energy Marketers Association

Footprints in the Industry

“We have much to be thankful for. This is the time for thankfulness; actually, every day is the proper time to be thankful. Simple affirmations of the beauty that surrounds us, the families that support us, friends and fellow workers that make our day…” These are the words of Jamie Py in his last address to the members of Maine Energy Marketers Association (MEMA) in the Fall issue of the MEMA Mag... read more.

On the field

MEMA Had A Great Day Playing Golf in Honor of Jamie Py

On August 31, 2020 the Association put on the Par for Py Golf Outing to celebrate Jamie’s amazing career. All proceeds went directly to the Py family. Altogether, the Association and supporting States raised $128K. We thank all who donated this year and to all for coming and making this year’s Par for Py an amazing event! Thank you to all our amazing and generous sponsors.

Sponsor sof the 2020 Par for Py
Thank you to all who came out to golf at the Par for Py!

MTEC Enters into Post COVID World with Digital Learning

We have all faced challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and learned a lot in the process. At least that’s been our experience here at MEMA Technical Education Center. Like many of the other businesses and schools in the State, on March 16, 2020, our school was hit with a Statewide lock down that we were neither ready for nor prepared for. In fact, up until that point MTEC has always prized itself as being a face-to-face hands-on training for technicians. It’s one of the qualities that sets us apart from other HVAC training programs... Read More

Oil, Propane, and Refrigeration units. Photos from 2019.
The Northern New England Energy Conference

Mark your calendars for 2021! Get your sponsorships in early!


"NEFI goes national

The New NEFI – Preparing for a renewed industry, together

By Sean Cota

By now, you’ve probably seen the news that NEFI has officially changed its full name to the National Energy & Fuels Institute.

Before diving any further into the broader implications of this transition, I want to first assure all of NEFI’s members, supporters, colleagues and friends in the Pine Tree State that our organization will always represent the interests of the Northeast’s essential Main Street liquid heating fuel businesses, and that, to this end, we will continue to work closely with our partners in the Maine Energy Marketers Association. I have a special affinity for Maine. Few know that I was born here when my Dad was stationed at Brunswick Naval Air Station, and my Mom’s family is from Waterville where I’ve spent much time.... read more here.

What would it take for C-stores to Integrate E15 into their Sales?

A Transition to E15 – Is it Viable or Inevitable for Maine?

The President’s announcement in the fall of 2018 to allow year-round sales of E15 blend motor fuel had farmers across the country jumping for joy. Although there are quite a few regions in the U.S. that have adopted E15, the Northeast is slow to jump--Mainers, likely being the most stubborn of the bunch. In fact, currently in Maine almost two years after the announcement, there is still not a single retailer selling E15. Why is that the case? In what way could retailers and consumers benefit from this bio blend and what challenges do c-stores and retailers face in order to implement the blend? Is a transition to E15 viable or is it inevitable here in Maine? Some believe that under the current pressures to meet renewable fuel standards, a change to E15 in the Northeast isn’t only probable, but certain as well... read more here.

Next stop: winter

Winter & Fleet Uptime/Maintenance Cost Containment - Beyond Cold Flow Issues

You don’t have to be a diesel mechanic to know that extended idling is bad for business. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) in modern engines make idling more costly than ever! Were you aware that winter cold flow additives have been adopted universally, as a general cost of doing business, to ensure a fuel delivery fleets get out on the road and stay there until their rounds are completed for the day? Your customers depend on it and your brand is impacted when cold weather brings a vehicle down... read more here:

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