To Kill A Mockingbird Kylie Estes Final project

Scout and Jem's summer adventures

Gray Twine

During the time when scout and jem would find objects left for them in a hole in the tree by the Radley house. One of the main items found there was the gray ball of twine which they later found out all of the objects were left by boo radley after Mr. Radley his brother filled the tree's hole up with cement because " it was dying".


The mockingbird is a pivotal focus point in the book, its literally the title of the book. Although the bird itself isn't really brought up in the book it is still a main focus because it is a metaphor in the book. Atticus tells both jem and scout that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird and you don't realize until later the real true meaning of his statement.


Jem and Scout learn a valuable lesson from there neighbor Mrs. Dubose. In the story she is not a very nice lady and often insults them when they walk past her house but not until they truly get to know her do they find out why. For years and years she has been a morphine addict and when jem ruins something of hers in anger atticus has him read to her to make up for it, During the time he read to her each time it got longer meaning she went longer without morphine. They helped her with her addiction but soon after she passed away.

The Radley House

Although its not a main focus it does have some significance to the story and jem and scout. On many occasions important events took place at or near the Radley house like during the fire of their neighbors house, several dares that caused trouble from the children and their friend Dill.

Broken pocket watch

The broken pocket watch is another object that was left for Jem and Scout by Boo Radley before the hole in the tree was sealed up by Mr. Radley to stop Boo from interacting with the children.

My First Year of High School Adventure


During this year books have been a very big help to me. I've always been a weird kid and have loved to read. And this year it really showed, when i needed to deal with stress or other problems i would either read, listen to music, or draw. Books take you to a whole other place you get to be a part of the story and live in it to escape the problems and people in reality.


Art was another thing that helped me through the year. Just like with books it helped me deal with stress and problems. Putting pencil, crayon, marker, paint brush whatever it is to paper and letting your imagination take you away from your reality and everything you don;t want to deal with.


Music goes along with art, and books it was like a release. Putting your earbuds in and drowning the real world out feeling the feeling that the artist puts into the song and experiencing their feelings through the music.

Eating disorders

Not maybe people knew about this or even realized it but from the middle of 8th grade to the end of the 3rd quarter this year I starved myself which later turned into being anorexic all because I thought i was fat and i hated myself. I started to lose a lot of weight but it still wasn't enough for me. During the 2nd quarter i past out in class which we later found out was because of not eating, i didn't go to the hospital but i still had to go to the doctor and they ran blood tests, i had to have an EKG, and lots of other things. They tried to put me in the hospital to feed me but my mom just kept me home and forced me to eat. Slowly i started to eat by myself starting with small snack throughout the day, to slowly back to eating at least a meal a day. Since it wasn't that long ago i still struggle with it but i don't actually starve myself.

Self Acceptance

After all the hospital visits, and getting me set up with a therapist i'm slowly but surely getting better. I wouldn't say I love myself now i guess i just accept it for the way it is. Obviously I don't really love myself but i do accept myself and that i'm not perfect or pretty or anything special but i'm me and thats what ill always be so i better except it now.


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