SimplicityTouch Panel Preparing for Install: A Teacher's Guide

Please REMOVE all items from the Instructional Wall.

Posters, Magnets, Push Pins, Borders, etc.

Please CLEAR your desk/area where you dock/connect your laptop.

Please leave your Docking Station and all cords accessible.

Please clear all items from the VCR/DVD area.

Please provide a CLEAR path from the door to the Instructional Wall

If there is no clear path, workers will slide desks/items to the side, but will not replace them.

Teachers should expect a little dust from drilling on desks and floor the morning after the install.

Please secure any valuables and personal belongings as you would at the end of the school day. There is no need to leave your laptop for the install.

After the install, your classroom will look similar to the classroom pictured.

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