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My name is Alexander Hedloff Østbø and I am a 24 year old man who has been taking photography classes at Danvik International Media Centre in Drammen, Norway.

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DRAMMEN, norway

I took a 1 year course before my girlfriend and I moved in together in her hometown where I spend time cultivating my photography skills.

Pictures taken from Bybrua (City Bridge) in Drammen, facing Aass Bryggeri (the local beer brewery) on the left, the train station as well as Holmennokken on the right and in the middle respectively.

Above is the first task I was given at my school, and it was pretty much just about filming Drammen and testing out our cameras. I did not have a tripod back then, so I had to use the camera strap around my neck and stretch the camera forward to stabilize it. The music is also made by me.

This is the most photogenic duck I have ever met!

"Wherever he stood, he stood on holy ground,

nobody can escape from his well.

It's too late when the bells start ringing,

keep the engine running and leave fast."

- Diamant til Kull (Diamond to Coal) by Kaizers Orchestra.

This picture was inspired directly by the universe of a band, very local to where I am from, Kaizers Orchestra. It was my contribution to the school's photo exhibition.

from drammen to paris

Here are my top eight picks for the pictures I took on our class trip to Paris. The trip was mainly focused towards street photography.

Click on "Paris Archives" to see the other photos I took while in Paris with my class.


Here is another photo I took for the photo exhibition, but never displayed. It preserves the same style and inspiration as the picture above, notably the gas mask.

People were quite shocked when I proved this wasn't from a Porche commercial.

Taken in Oslo, Norway, I was trying to optimize my settings and by "mistake" took this picture. I am still trying to contact the owner of that Porche up until this day to thank him or her for their perfect timing driving into the tunnel.

beauty of the west

Nature photography is something I have always been fond of. Almost every Christmas Eve since I was a child, at least one calendar for the year to come displaying beautiful scenery of Norwegian nature for each month has been unwrapped from under the Christmas tree. It was like I couldn't wait for the month to pass by so I could look at the next picture. I hope in the near future that I will be able to travel to all these places and take my own pictures of them from a new perspective. Below are some pictures when I visited my girlfriend in the beautiful county of Sogn og Fjordane on the west coast of Norway.

Sometimes I feel like great contrast between the colors in the landscape is what truly defines nature photography.
Other times I like the synergy between manmade and nature
But what truly catches my eye is the bright sky and the sun. If you stare at it directly for a while, you may eventually go blind, but rarely if not when it's on a picture.
And here you have Naustdal during summer and winter.

A lonely tree growing from ontop of a hill at the local golf course in Stavanger, Norway.

my hometown

Right after I bought my first camera, a Nikon D3300, I set out to the local golf course laying beside a lake and where I grew up in Stavanger, Norway. These are some of the first pictures I ever took with a DSLR and what really kickstarted my true passion for photography.

These were all taken with "Auto" and at that time, I had no clue how to take or use raw images. They turned out pretty good nonetheless!

back to the future

Kim Nordgård was my roommate during my one year course on Danvik where he took acting classes. He was so nice accepting my request of using him for a photography project where we were supposed to take both creative and normal portrait pictures of the actor/actress students. I was only going to pick a few of them, but this guy fits the 30-40's style so good that I couldn't leave many out.

This was the creative part of the project, inspired by 30's - 40's men's fashion, or something out of a noir film.
..and here are the normal portraits. What fits him best?

drammen dog festival

I was the photographer for the magazine Brukshundposten under the Drammen Dog Festival in 2017. This was the first real photography job I had.


Here is a music video I directed and clipped for a school project. We spent good over 100 hours on it, most of which was in front of the computer clipping.


I do a little bit of music too on the side, mostly minimalistic.

But I also love video gaming and making content about it!

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Pictures taken by Ⓒ Alexander Hedloff Østbø, 2017

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