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I'm sure by now you have a lot of questions! Let's get those answers!

How does it work?

Our beacons constantly send out a URL that is picked up by the phone as a notification.

Where can you put the beacon?

We have beacons small enough to fit in your pocket and rugged enough to be put anywhere!

Does it work on every phone?

The physical web is natively supported by the android operating system. iOS is not natively supported and is designed to work with applications to see the beacons. 70% of the phones on the market run the android operating system.

How much does it cost?

There is a one time set up fee of $200 that covers the cost of the beacon and setting up the URL content. Afterwords there is a $200 a month fee to maintain the URL content and make any changes necessary at any time. There is no limit to how many changes you can make in a given month.

What if I want more than one Beacon?

As long as you're using the same content you can purchase additional beacons for $100 each. If you are placing beacons at multiple locations we highly recommend using separate content for each one. We use Adobe products that have analytics that require separate content for each location.

What if my beacon stops working?

Proximal marketing will replace any defective beacon for the entire length of your service at no charge to you. Lost or stolen beacons will be replaced at $100 each.


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