Impacts Of Heat Eating Warm Meals

Eating warm meals have lots of positive things to us and the environment, it has also negative things too.There are also physical changes and chemical changes, in this page I will tell you how eating warm meals is good and bad for you and the environment, you and the society.Also physical changes and chemical changes about eating warm meals

There are lots of physical changes for eating warm meals, but today I will tell you is cutting or peeling the food.Another one is chewing the food.The last one i'm going to tell you about is boiling egg it is still a egg but cookes.

Eating warm meals also have chemical changes too, like cooking the beef or food. Another one is the digestion of the food.

Eating warm meals have lots of positive things to the society. For example you won't starve if you have warm meals. It lets you have energy to move around and play.

Eating warm meals will also affect the environment positively like left over waste or also helps mantnan the space in the environment

Eating warm meals also has some negative things to our society too like creating pollution around the society.

Some negative things that eating warm meals do to the environment is that left over waste become waste. It also destroys the environment. It also takes up a lot of space for plants to grow.

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