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To whom it concerns, or to whom comes across my "making memories" page. I have a deep compassion to take pictures (LOTS of them). I am learning to delete those that are not great exposure. I take snapshots of animals, family, friends, coworkers. (My coworkers sometimes cringe when I snap pictures of them, and my catchphrase is "I do not know how to delete. You will thank me when we are old and in nursing homes, looking back at these crazy kids and what the hell were they thinking.

So, my pictures may not be professional quality. I am all about making memories. I look back often (sometimes daily) to laugh and cry at different points of my life.

I do like to have my pictures in chronological order, but I may be putting these on here in random order. Bare with me. I will try not to post duplicates or multiples of same image. (That is where I am learning to delete the multiples of the same image.

Well, sit back, and scroll through, comment... please comment on pictures (state your opinions, and whatever). I appreciate the comments more than the just click "like" button. Thank you

Wirtz Family

My name is Lila Kate, and I have two older brothers and one younger sister. Born to an Episcopal priest (yes they can marry and have kids). My mom was a social worker for the state in Employment and Training Office. My mom thrived on each one of my siblings to have our own likes and dreams. Unfortunately, mom and dad passed away, but the Wirtzpoluzza lives on. My siblings and I, we make sure we all get together with each of our families for various family fun weekends. There will be many pictures from those adventures on this post.

Also, I will have post of my daughters, and grandson.

And my random posts of random pictures, I will be driving along, and I will pass something, and if I can safely turn around to get a picture of those random things, I WILL!

Thank you for looking and your comments are much much appreciated!

Bless your hearts

And this was our sweet lovable mutt, Rebel
I spent five summers (one week) at a religious camp called St Michael's Conference. This conference was full of religious discussions, talent shows, square dancing (don't laugh, it is a blast), and ending with the Pageant which is why the picture of David as St Michael the Archangel... this pageant started with Fr Jack's singing of "Prepare ye the way of the Lord" Its totally amazing
I was a Girl Scout and proud of it, and spent 3 summers at Camp Green Eyrie (or Green and Hairy) thats a story for another day... I was an avid camper! I loved and still love camping. SO many awesome memories.
working at camp in America, I have met many friends from overseas (France, England, Scotland, Tunisia, Ghana, and more..
and staff trips to OLD STURBRIDGE VILLAGE... how many people can you pile in a convertible bug, with our friend from England driving.. (making sure she stays on the right side of the road)
then I worked at Camp Monomonac in 1987 and 88 (an episcopal church camp) sister of Camp Bement (that I grew up at since I was 8 years old This is our comedian from England. Awesome friend!
Yes that is a Yugo, my dad bought me just before graduating from High School, It has many laughs NOW.... I went to camp with this car, and went to college in this car. (pushing it mostly... if you remember the adobe car of the Saturday Night Live skits.. this is the car)
Being part of this awesome class Young People's Theater Touring Company performing Cat Princess in various schools and libraries (no matter how big or small)
meeting my first Valentine (first boyfriend) "the snowman"
one of the biggest memories of my college years.. was a surprise birthday party for my friend, Heidi, at the one Chinese restaurant in town, we borrowed their menu and we used that as the birthday card. we all signed it!
two of my most amazing friends (one I knew from St Michael's and one I met at college! I am forever grateful for their awesome friendship!!
As I mentioned earlier, I met my first valentine in college, well I gained a daughter from that relationship she is the most beautiful, caring, sweet young lady ever! I couldn't be more blessed. She was adopted by a family when she was six months old. (I am in contact with all of them) I am blessed and forever grateful to that family! this is a picture of my daughter, my dad, my mom, and my grandma
this is my favorite photo of my daughter and her adopted mom
This is the day I met my daughter's adopted family AWESOME FAMILY! it was pretty emotional.. still is.. but I am forever grateful they came into my life when they did
isn't she the most beautiful sweet baby girl
Then I met husband, and his nephew and nieces (which we ended up raising the older two)
he brought me to England (would have flown back the same night, but couldn't find the airport.. anyway story for another day... but I met one of my best friends I met at summer camp that is from England. It was awesome to see her again and do some traveling about England (southhampton was very nice) I will post pictures
thanks to this truly awesome friend of mine, Jen.. i met working at summer camp... I will have to get a better picture of the two of us.. but just wanted to throw this in there. She has been the most amazing friend since I met her
at home (dad's house) with Rebel and Bilbo.. Thats Bilbo C Baggins
This is another awesome friend (met at Camp) she is from Norway... told you I didnt travel, but I met people from all over the world at CAMP.. but I am blessed I have an awesome friend in her!!
baby Lexi
Booboo bunny.. my little angel ("ANGLE") i know that looks bad the ashtray in background.. I have never smoked in my life.. i was just around many that did
the best picture .. she had the biggest belly laugh.. true laughter just from her weeble wobble thing not able to grab cuz it was wobbling all about.
and so begins her love of ALL animals!!
first harley
now this is not a shadow.. the white puppy in the front window is Clover (male) and the little apricot puppy in the window is Kylie..
one of my favorite photos.. so innocent..
this is another one of my favorite photos.. this is a foster child (16 years old) he was more excited going to Disney than a younger child. Chasing him from ride to ride was amazing. This was the Earthquake ride.. He was on one side of the tram, but when something was happening on the other side of tram, he would excitedly slide over.
Busch Gardens (I believe Lexi at age 2 corrected some adult behind us when they were describing these birds to their daughter.. Lexi just goes "they are pink flamingoes'
memories caught on camera... Lexi was mad that she wanted the WHITE ONE (white plane) Frankie (foster child) was trying to cheer her up by going higher
Safari drive thru.. yes the giraffe spit on our window
we started her young on Lobster... at this age.. she could almost eat 4 lobsters.. LOVED THE butter
told you she loved animals... this was nursery school field trip to a discovery museum! we went back a few times!
snow day!
hmm will they notice if I pull a piece of skin off the side?
Lexi dancing with Grampa at Auntie Eunice's wedding..
Six Flags .. happy times
six Flags
taking time to feed the ducks.. if they do not nip your finger
sometimes you just got to jump right in!!
take a moment to enjoy the moment
bake and make a mess! anything can be cleaned up.. have fun! make a mess! MAKE MEMORIES!
didn't i just say sometimes you just got to JUMP right in!!
and bring a friend (or gramma) if needed
What goes up must come down.. is it the same the other way around...
teaching healthy eating... (as I drink a coca cola)
Some day I am going to live on a farm and no animal will be turned away... well bees maybe..
Express yourself! sing.. dance.. dress how you want!
cherished memories
My brother's house
exercise and fun
sometimes you just gotta sing Y M C A
My beauty phase
my goth phase
my goth?
my hippie phase

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