Deforestation in North America

Main Cause- America is the home of a lot of activities and a good environment to plant food/ crops. Currently the main causes of deforestation in the USA is because of agriculture(planting of crops and food) tourism, (cut down tree's for space for tourist to explore) and lastly because people cut down tree's to sell or to make household items.

Who benefits- As a result of this deforestation, we as humans benefit. Why? This is mainly because we get our own items and our own entertainment or foods, whether it's from agriculture, tourism or the selling and buying of tree parts.

Negatives- Because we are taking away tree's from the environment for our use, we not only take away habitats for animals but also we have an increased percentage of water in the atmosphere. Tree's help control how much water goes into the atmosphere so by taking them down, we increase the amount that goes in.

Are they re-planted?- When we take down forest in the USA, we take them down for reasons such as the length of them, or how much space it may take up.

When the deforestation occurs, instead of replanting the tree's the animals who once lived there would be relocated or moved to another habitat similar to the one they were recently in.



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