Life without Primary Sense Hyosang Ahn Group Members: Ben Abueg, Angela Zhang, Tyler Handin Date: Feb 2, 2017 - Feb 8, 2017 Badge Title: WOK Badge: Sense Perception

2/2/17 (1st Badge Project Brainstorm)

For the first Badge Project, our main topic is going to be about sense perception. We are planning to make a movie that demonstrates our ideas. My own choices of sub-topic are:

1. Theories of reality (common-sense realism, Scientific realism, and Phenomenalism)

2. Influence of selectivity of perception by emotions

Our final sub-topic is:

* Synesthesia: How we ‘see’ sounds

I took two attempts of the quiz, and it encouraged me to explore the varieties to describe sense perception. One fact that I learned today was that it is possible to distinguish appearance from reality.

2/6/17 (Work Day 1st Project)

We are going to play the music (going to decide whether we will perform or play a specific existing piece) to audience and will discuss about how the audience sense other than sound. Then we are going to interpret the direction of the synesthesia of each individual.


I learned that each individual’s perceptions of world based on sense are different among each other. In order to express this, we had to make adjustments on our project to conducting an experiment of me trying to explain what the object is / how it feels like by touching while blind-folded. Although I am not going to present, we need to finish rehearsing the presentation and making the media, like the PowerPoint and the video of the experiment.

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