Rube Goldberg Project Jared Vasbinder

For the Rube Goldberg project we where put into random groups and told to create a simple machine using all recycled materials that makes music. It wasn't super easy since they also said that we could only talk through technology, but we made it work well. Here is our project in motion:

  1. The marble starts with a pegboard making sounds as it hits each peg
  2. The marble then rolls across root beer bottles making clanging noise with each bottle
  3. The marble comes to the tower lift where it hits a counter weight pulling the next marble on the other side up and onto the track
  4. That marble rolls down a short track and hits a golf ball that rolls through a gauntlet of spoons making them clang
  5. Finally the golf ball takes a couple right turns and hits a plastic poker that releases water into a bowl where it changes from clear to multi colored!

The big picture behind this project was to take a normal, and you could even say easy, project and make it harder/ more challenging by adding in the fact that in person communication could only be done on certain days and the rest of the days had to be through our laptops or I pads.

This project was certainly an interesting one but I didn't find it to be too hard.


Photos where taken by me

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