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Mount Everest, worth it or not? June 3, 2017

Do you think Mount Everest is worth climbing? In my opinion, I don't think climbing a mountain is worth risking your life. Yes, it can be pretty amazing to think that you are on the highest point of the world. Though, in order to get there, means that you have to survive all of the other challenges. Just at base camp, at 17,000 feet people die. They get altitude sickness and need oxygen, they get frostbite, or a storm wipes people out like in 2014. After you spend weeks getting used to the mountain, the mountain becomes steeper and very icy as you climb to the summit. People have to take a long breath every single step. Many of the 223 dead climbers died because they were going to fast up the mountain, when they came down they had no energy, and died. Just from base camp to the summit people die or get seriously injured. It's not worth risking you life to climb a deadly mountain.

This is a collage of the many stages of climbing Mount Everest.

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How does oil help to shape Asia? May 9, 2017

How does having oil help to shape Asia. Oil shapes Asia in many different ways. Having a lot of oil opens up many jobs for people. With more money for families so

How does having oil help to shape Asia. Oil shapes Asia in many different ways. Having a lot of oil opens up many jobs for people. With more money for families they can receive better health care. Once people are healthier the infant mortality rate and the life expectancy will gradually go up. Another way oil will help shape Asia is by building more. Contractors and citizens can help to creat large buildings throughout the region. With more places for people to live in, the population with be Increased and the countries can become more efficient. All in all, oil helps shape Asia with more jobs and buildings, to increase the population.

This is a photo of a machine taking oil out of the ground.

How do people adapt to living in the desert? April 13, 2017

How do people adapt to the weather in the desert? When people live in ergs of the desert they are forced to make significant changes. There are high temperatures and a lot of sunlight coming in. Citizens of the Sahara have to dress appropriately in order to not get burnt, on their long trips to get recourses. The Tuareg men wear long blue robes with blue cloth to cover their faces. With their cultural clothing they can find recourses and adapt to the weather as well. Africans who live in the Sahara do much trading. Due to the soil, drought and climate people can't grow every nutrient they need. Nomads trade with others, they give meat, dairy, and water. While most people in the Sahara grow barley, wheat, and vegetables, as cash crops that can grow with little water. While living in Africa is hard, you have to adapt to the weather and the foods that can be locally grown.

Tuareg men walking camals in the ergs of the desert.

What forces work for and against the supranational cooperation among nations? March 7, 2017

The supranational cooperation has many centripetal forces but two important ones are the common market, and the trading bloc. The first centripetal force is the common market. With the common market members of the EU can trade goods without worrying about tariffs. Everyone in the EU depends on everyone for goods. So, everyone's in peace and not war, to create a centripetal force you need a common market. The other reason to have a centripetal EU you need the trading bloc. When the members join together and distribute goods evenly each part of the EU is useful. If all of that part of Europe is useful that makes them powerful. When everyone has what they need from all around Europe they can be as powerful to trade and compete with other Countries. The trading bloc is a centripetal force because everyone has to work together. The common market and trading bloc are both very important centripetal forces.

Two people making a simple trade like all the Europeans do with each other.

What is the most effective government? February 8, 2017

There are many types of government in the world but, what's the most effective government? Representative democracy is the most effective. When governments are a representative democracy all citizens can vote, which mean people have a say in what's going on in their country and, even more rights. If people had their government be a dictatorship when one person has all control, all citizens would have no say. With representative democracy everyone can participate in choosing the country's leader to help with all of the other branches. Even more, with the representative democracy there comes the separation of power. Every government has laws citizens must obey. With separation of power every single law is passed through the three branches so every law is strong and most of the time reasonable. For citizens all they do is vote for their country and obey the laws put in place by the government. Maybe a representative democracy isn't a bad idea with no powerful leaders that leave you with no say and even laws for the country or state.

A meeting for citizens who are talking about the differences of direct and representative democracy.

What does it mean to be a good citizen January 23, 2017

To be a good citizen you need to have many responsibilities in place. One, people need to pay their taxes on items you purchase. They Need to follow the laws or else there will be consequences. When there is a public meeting like in the city hall for a town remember everyone has the freedom of speech. People can say something to make a town better or resolve a problem. They even make town petitions for rules put in place. To be a good citizen everyone can vote. Everyone can be a good citizen with many rights and responsibilities.

This group of people are citizens, they are helping clean up the roads.

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