Losing Me By annabella Cournoyer

I had an average life for a 4th grader. I had many friends, terrible taste in clothes, and a public school education. Average. Of course, I didn’t know then that my Mom would ultimately sign me up for the two worst years of my life.

It all had started the day that the letters went home. My best friend and I had enrolled into a charter school. We had been desperately waiting to find out if we had gotten in or not. I grabbed the envelope on the table and ripped it open. Big, bold letters peered at me. Congratulations, Annabella Cournoyer! Soon later, those same letters had peered at my best friend too.

We had been preparing for this all year, the day that we would go into our new school. We had gotten our uniforms, toured the school, and met some other kids in our grade already. Sammy and I were nervous. When we had gotten there we went through a week of “Prep School”. They had sat us in rows on the hard, cold floor and told us what was expected of us. They told us about their disciplinary system.We were also informed of all the cheers, hand motions and signs. It was a long week, and it was finally time to find out which classes we were in. Every class was called an advisory and named after a college. Our principle called our names one by one. I was one of the last kids to be called. Sammy had been assigned to the advisory Clark University and look scared.

Ms.Addams, the principal, called my name, “Annabella Cournoyer, Clark University” I was so relieved, I got up and ran over to Sammy. We were put into a single file line and brought to our classroom. I sat next to two girls named Dakota and Jane. Dakota and I clicked instantly, we had many common interests and the same hopeful look in our eyes.

Weeks had gone by and I soon found myself only hanging out with Dakota during school. I had abandoned Sammy and only talked to her at lunch and in the car to school and back. I surrounded myself with toxic people. They talked often about things that should not be talked about in school or by a 5th grader. They were rude and were always “roasting” each other. I soon took after them, acting and talking the same. I knew a lot of people and had a lot of friends. I was becoming an average student and less hard working. Most of my time was spent thinking about boys and joking around with Dakota, so I did not care when Sammy had left the school because of the gross words of my “friends”.

The first day of 6th grade, I was given a new advisory called Kansas University. I was seperated from my friends and the friends I did have left me out all the time. They were rude to me and I was rude back. I got in fights with a girl, Sophie constantly. I was harassed with unkind words from her and her friend Troy. During lunch we were only allowed to sit with our advisories so I could not go and sit with Dakota. Dakota and I had grown apart and did not speak anymore. I was alone. I sat alone, ate alone and stayed home alone without talking to anyone. I became very sad. Soon, all the nasty words and actions got to me. I decided I was going to be leaving the school.

Summer was approaching and I had made a new friend at school and started to become a disruption in class. I had gotten in trouble for not listening to my teachers and disrupting a Parcc testing session. I had already gotten in trouble earlier in the year, and my parents had threatened to have me go back there next year.

The first day of my new school my friend had left me, and I was forced to go through it all alone. I cried walking into the building, and I sat alone at lunch for the first week. Making friends was harder for me, I did not know anyone anymore. All my friends from 4th grade had new friends and I felt the sting of forgottenness.

As the school days went by I made friends, I opened up and I started to find myself again. Some parts couldn’t be found but eventually they would be and when they did it would open up opportunities for me. Such as becoming a better person, smiling more and putting myself first.

These two terrible years of my life made me realize that the only person that can change things in my life is me, and nobody else.

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