Elements of Art : To create this piece I had flip through a magazine and find an image. I liked the image of a swan in bubbles. So I lay a transparent paper over the image and traced it. And to transfer the outline onto each of these boxes I flipped over the outline and rubbed it onto each box.
Principles of Art : these boxes have cut out pieces of construction paper glued onto them to create an image to represent the principles of art
Principles of Art : these boxes have cut out pieces of construction paper glued onto them to create an image to represent the principles of art
Goal Card : The leaves on the bottom left corner are a reminder for me to go outside more and that I spend more time in nature. The sleeping cat tells me that I need to relax. I should not always stress about tests and instead take a little time to myself. The cross is a symbol of my religion and part of that is to volunteer more. To give back to the community for all that it has provided. The running horse means that I need to meet new people. Go run to new places and meet people who I can learn from. These are all goals that I set for myself, things that I want to do or need to do more of throughout the year and into the future.
Self Portrait Pre-Test : This was drawn before the features unit to see what we knew about drawing the face and what we knew about proportion.
Hand Pre-Test
Hallway Pre-Test : this pretest was taken at the very begging of the semester out in the art hallway of my school
Gesture Drawing : A gesture drawing is the rough outline of a moving figure drawn in sketchy lines. A classmate stood on a table in front of the class in one pose for a minute for the artist to capture.
Gesture Drawing : A gesture drawing is the rough outline of a moving figure : A classmate stood on a table in front of the class in one pose for a minute for the artist to capture. And after that minute they did two other poses for the artist to capture the action being preformed.
Gesture Drawing : A gesture drawing is the rough outline of a moving figure : A classmate stood on a table in front of the class in one pose for a minute for the artist to capture. And after that minute they did two other poses for the artist to capture the action being preformed.
Contour Line Bone Drawing : A contour line drawing is an outline of thin and thick lines to add depth : This was drawn at an angle from a cow skull sitting on a chair across the room. I used pencils made of graphite to draw the outline and then used a paintbrush soaked in water and brushed with graphite to add more depth.
Chiaroscuro - Value Scale : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art : This was the first step in the Chiaroscuro lesson.
Chiaroscuro - Spheres : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art : On the left is my first attempt of drawing a sphere, and on the right is my second attempt.
Chiaroscuro - Geometric Forms : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. I drew this still life with the light source at different angles so the cast shadows where different.
Chiaroscuro - Cubes : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. This was draws with two points on the horizon line.
Chiaroscuro - Manikin : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. This was drawn sitting on a table with the only light shining on it was from a nearby window.
Chiaroscuro - Features - Eyes : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art : On the top is my first attempt of drawing eyes on n the bottom is my second attempt. I used a variety of graphite pencils to create depth to these drawings.
Chiaroscuro - Features - Nose : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. On the top left is my first attempt at drawing a nose. The one in the middle to the right is my second attempt. And the nose in the bottom left corner is my third attempt. I drew several different kinds of noses, all with multiple graphite pencils, to better practice the shaping of a nose.
Chiaroscuro - Features - Lips : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. The lips on the top left are my first attempt. My second attempt is the one to the right. And the lower left pair of lips were my third attempt. I tried to create a roundness to these lips with a blending tool and different graphite values.
Chiaroscuro - Features - Ears : Chiaroscuro is the use of value in a work of art. The top left ear is my first attempt and it is also seen from a side view. My second attempt was also at a side view and is to the right. The lower left ear is seen as if looking at someone from the front and is my third attempt.
One Home Puppet Show : in this photo the clouds had been complete. I along with my class and many other art classes worked on these puppets for a long time.
Puppet Show In the Making : Flattening bottle caps to put the penguin puppets together with my classmates.
Puppet Show in the Making : Practicing for the show
Puppet Show End Scene
Digital Collage - Surrealism Unit : Surrealism is the art of illustrating really world things in a dream-like way. I demonstrated this by putting objects where they should not be to show a greater meaning.
Digital Collage : My artwork has a base of a galaxy with many colors that all blend together into an amazing background. They represent my personality because my personality is a mix of sprit represented by blue, imagination represented by purple, orange which represents happiness, and magenta which represents harmony and emotional balance. And this is just part of what my personality and the picture is based on. And on top of the galaxy base are many images but first I would like to start with the moon. The moon is on the top left corner of the image. It represents that I am a dreamer. And to even further explain the dreamer side of me there is a faded bird in the moon facing the right with its wings spread out. It shows that I am not afraid to chase my dreams. And then there is a feather coming from the bird’s chest that pints to the deer running below. The feather is a symbol of peace and freedom and that is part of my dream. I want to have a world where peace and freedom is something that is normal, available for everyone who wishes for it. And as the feather looks like a latter for the bird towards the land it means that I will strive to achieve my dream at least a little and bring it to the people who need it the most. And this feather is pointing towards two deer. The deer look graceful and as if they are swiftly running through space. And they are running through space to me. The deer resemble love, grace, peace, swiftness and regrowth. These are just mere ideas, thoughts running through space right now. Caught only by a few who have the same dream as me. And they are running running towards a reality that hopefully enough people can see. And that reality is the tree. The tree of wisdom. The tree that I hope that people can see through their blindness of sins. And the reflection that can be seen bellow is resembling a glassy surface and that a dream could become a reality. And because every piece of the art is pointing to the one tree it is the focal point of the art, the finally piece that ties everything together. My artwork started out as a blank page on a computer. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I started to look through pictures of birds and deer. And suddenly I remembered that one of my personal symbols was a moon. And I connected the dots that I should have a deer walking out of the moon. But then I scrolled through the pictures a little more and saw a bird, wings wide open. And the image popped into my head. But this is just how it started. As I assembled the piece I started to play with the visibility of an image and how it overlapped with the others. And I accidentally flipped an image upside down. So I decided I would create reflections of each image in a lower opacity than the original. And slowly but surely, the images became art. What or who inspire my art was my family. My family is always so kind to me and others and my parents always encourage me to follow what I believe in my heart. And what I thought of was, what if my family was in danger. I knew that I want someone to help them. And in the seek peace to get the help of others. So I created this art piece. Though things are hard you always have to seek the rout that is peaceful and won’t lead to more heartbreak. And this art piece shows sadness and happiness in one. I didn’t have any goals for this art at first. I just wanted to go with whatever came to mind. There was no set plan. But now I do have plants for this art piece. I want to show it to people, maybe through a survey, and see what they think about it, what the meaning may be. It would be interesting to know if people are inspired by this and see the same things that I see or see something different. What I learned is that I do want this world to be better. I do want the enemies of the innocent to be happy. At first I just felt resentment towards terrorists with just a spark of pity. But now I do only feel pity for them. They don’t know what it is like to live a peaceful life where people enjoy your company. True they have a reason for doing what they do, even if they themselves can’t see it or others either. They deserve to have a second chance and I finally accept that. And this has inspired me to instead of feel anger to my sisters bullies I should treat them kindly and may art will not reflect sadness of the world but instead, the joy that could come around in the future. After all you can’t fight fire with fire.
Self Portrait : I took a photo of myself and printed it so that it was a small image. I then graphed 1 by 1 inch squares on it so that I could create a graph twice the size on transfer paper. I then looked at the smaller image while re-drawing it larger. I then rubbed the image onto a marker board that I created with spray on water colors and salt. Afterwards I used a monochromatic color scheme to add highlights and shade to my face. I then went in with colored pencil to help with the shading and highlights.
Pop-Art Image : Pop Art is art made to resemble popular culture. I took a picture of myself and uploaded it to a website called PicMonkey where I turned it into a sketch. I then colored it in with different colors than the origional.
Clay Mask Finish Piece : The oak tree in the middle where the nose would be indicates stability, strength, wisdom, and prosperity. The feather symbolizes creativity, freedom, and peace. The moon illustrates that I am a dreamer and have large dreams for life. But it also is the symbol for my name, the meaning of my name is illusion. The branching out tree wrapping around around the side of the mask symbolizes that I am willing to try new things and I care for everyone in the community. Wise and watchful. The coyote that lays where the right eye would be embodies the meaning that is weakness. But the coyote is on top of a mountain showing that I am reaching to overcome my weakness. The Kolam (flour in the middle of the mask) is a pattern of rice flour usually made on the floor for ceremonies.
Original Design for the Clay Mask

This year in art one I have learned many different ways to draw and to paint from different artists through history. They all had their own style and way of seeing things. It has helped me to grow as an artist because now I understand better how to see art differently and to put that to paper. Two of my favorite things used to make this art were the water colors and graphite and learning how to make pieces out of them. But through all the projects that I did, my clay mask was my favorite. I was able to put symbols that were important to me into one flowing piece that all together summed up who I am.

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.” Georgia O’Keeffe

“There's no retirement for an artist, it's your way of living so there's no end to it.” Henry Moore

“The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” Aristotle

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.” Oscar Wilde

“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” Leonardo da Vinci

"Do not fear mistakes... there are none." Miles David

Nursery on Schenkweg by Vincent van Gogh - Date - May 1882 - Medium - black chalk, pen, brush, ink, white bod color - Location - the Metropolitan Museum of Art - As I was looking through the gallery of drawings and paintings this one caught my eye. This is close to a monochromatic color scheme which makes it even more interesting. Because it is just tints and shades of one color yet each part compliments the other so well. And this makes things blend together and you have to spend more time looking at it to gather all the details. But my favorite thing about this drawing is the water and how it shows the reflections of the trees.

The Demon Dancer

A paper is folded into seven sections so that only one can be seen at a time. The first person will draw whatever the prompt implies under a time limit. When the time is up, the paper is turned to the next section with a new prompt and a new person. Once all of the sections have been filled, the original creator of the image gets it back and unfolds it. This game began as a simple, fun game of collaboration between artists on one piece. These surrealist painters would meet together and then receive a prompt and begin the drawing. The medium used on this was gem toned watercolor. These gem tone colors were separated and rationed among the items within the image to make some colors or objects pop. Shading was attempted to add depth to the drawing and to make overlapping items come into focus. Because of all of the chaos in the image, there were several sets of numbers to keep everything balanced. There were two horns atop the head, two eyes with another centered in the middle, following the line of the nose. Two wings, and two legs. These help to create a full image so that the eye does not get lost in the madness.

Doodle for Google

This image is about the creation and destruction of the world in a sense. Recently I have been learning about Confucianism and Buddhism in English class. I heard from these ways of life that the world should not try to be fixed, because this will just destroy it. Human kind is always altering the world, trying to make it better. But truthfully, we are attempting and failing to make the world better for ourselves. Yes, we may be molding the world to our needs, but we are destroying the earth itself. Though the path is already carved in the crust of the earth, we can make it better. Not in the way where we build more and more, taking away trees to make homes, but that we take our garbage out of their oceans. The oceans belong to the creatures of the world, so do the forests we continue to cut down. We can co-exist with these creatures, and this piece is a sliver of how I see what is happening. The amur leopard on the far left is lying atop a cut-down tree, with an ax at its side. There are merely 57 of these powerful creatures left in the world because we are taking away their homes. The same is for the vaquita, a purpose whose numbers have dropped to 30 because we take their food to make up for overpopulating the earth, and we fill their ocean with trash that is killing them. Next to the vaquita is a blue yin yang symbol, representing the oceans, wrapped in recycle signs with leaves cycling around. Next to the recycle sign is a city that is contaminating the once clear waters with dark tar and pollution. The factories above the city are releasing files which are killing the tree above it, making it brittle and as dead as thorns. But, the other half of the tree is alive and thriving. This is because we should plant trees and the areas that we are cutting down. We should stop cutting down so many trees and instead plant them, and use a cleaner source of energy. Altogether, this digital image shows the different cycles that the earth goes through because of us.

A Dreamers Journey

This piece is about growing up through travel. I have been going to Germany ever year for one month since before I was one year old. Currently, I am fifteen, meaning I have spent over a year of my life in Germany. Whenever I am there it feels like a dream. In movies when a character is walking from the normal world into the fantasy world, there are normally bright sparkles of floating lights that look somewhat like fireflies. When the character exits the world into the new land, they cannot stop smiling at the bright colors. This is exactly how I feel when I am in Germany. I have changed because of the opportunities I have had to travel. I can understand an entirely different language, though I cannot speak it. I know the area like I know my own hands, and it is one of my favorite places in the world. Though, this piece is not entirely about Germany. It is also about London, Austria, Switzerland, and everywhere else I have ever traveled. It has all changed me. I feel free when I am away and can wander and get lost in a new area. I can get lost and then find my way home, learning the buildings and landmarks around me. It makes me happier than anything in the world when I get to explore in this way, especially with my family. It never feels real though, because I come back home and fall back into the rhythm that I am used to, not the excitement shown in the swirling background of this piece. My memories of home mix with my memories of travel and sometimes I cannot decipher which ones are real and which ones are from a distant land. This is why for my creative print, I chose gold with a black overlay and brown paper background. It gives the image an old, rustic feel and symbolises the overlapping of old and new, distant memories. My freedom is shown in the butterflies flying over the mountains. The rose is the giddiness I feel. The sun is the possibilities of the world that I get to see. All of these images are landmarks that I have been to. The Switzerland Alps, Big Ben, the Empire State, Neuschwanstein, Maui. I cannot remember where the arch of stones was, but I do remember what the city looked like, and how it felt to be there. And I was able to see all of this because I was brought here by a plane. I am terrified of planes, yet I still go on nine to ten hour flights because I cannot wait to get to my destination.

Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith is an artist born into Nuremberg, Germany in 1954. Both of Smith's parents were artist in their own forms, and Smith soon followed suit in her own style. That styles drastically shifted towards the themes of death and mortality when he father passed in 1980.

Image 1 - Kiki Smith - Ave - 2000 - Color lithograph w/collage - 50.2 x 73.7 cm. (19.8 x 29 in.) - Location not found

Image 2 - Kiki Smith - Fawn - 2001 - Etching and aquatint - 22.5 x 31 in. (57.15 x 78.74 cm.) - Harlan & Weaver, pub.

Image 3 - Kiki Smith - Born - 2002 - Bronze - 39 x 101 x 24 in. - Location not found

Acrylic paint tends to dry quickly, so it can be difficult to shade at times, and I never really grasped the concept of the gel medium. It only seemed to make the paint too thick to blend well. But, painting so many feathers helped me to learn how to shade them to my desired effect. Though, next time I will try to make the rachis highlighted as well as shaded. A few of the feather could use some unevenness. Even though angel wings are normally perfect, these wings are being burnt, so it would be more fitting if they were ruffled, possibly clipping out sections of the barbs for that effect. Mostly, I need to learn how to shade in advantage to dramatic effect. Maybe, adding a more burnt, smoking effect to the wings. The shards of the sphere should be sharper and could possibly be tipped with blood to create a dramatic layering. The sphere and glass should also reflect the fire, and petals should be falling along with the glass. Originally I had imagined roses being the flint for the fire underneath, mostly made in faded reds and black. If I experiment with painting all of these objects in sections, over the summer I can attempt to re-paint the piece, hopefully improved. I learned the power in uses of symbolism and movement in this piece. All of the objects within help viewers to see the image as they wish. But, if they see each item as I do, they may appreciate it more. All the features are particularly placed to lead to another aspect of the canvas to flow from one focal point to another. Altogether through this project I was able to experiment and learn from a new medium and different way of making art.

Shards of Glass

Each object in this acrylic painting has a meaning that leads towards an entire image of symbolism once each piece is understood. The rose represents the innocence I had in childhood. I did not acknowledge what I do not wish to hear, and I was lively and joyful. The sphere of glass encasing the rose is a symbol for the shelter that my parents build for me to protect me while I grew. The wings around the sphere are from the angels my mother told me about while we are in church. While my parents may protect me, it is the angel wings lead by the hands of god that truly keep me safe. Lastly, the flames embody the evil of the world. As an entire piece this painting shows that as we grow, our fragile sphere of protection begins to shatter and fall beneath the weight of the festering, corrupt ways of the people in this world. And as the sphere shatters farther, the guardians may be scorched trying to protect us and our innocent heart, but they will hold strong and remain, even if you lose faith. Because of this, my friends and family have blocked out the negative in my life, and even when it does sweep by their notice, my joy outweighs what might bring me down. And I have been able to grow up in a stable, amazing world of my guardian’s making. Honestly, the idea for this piece came out of nowhere. All of the sudden, this entire image settled perfectly into my mind. Because I already knew what I wanted to create, I researched what types of art there were. I found symbolism. This was a movement where the artists used representative pieces within their work, often leaving it up to the viewer’s interpretation. Before my research, I already knew how to draw wings. Unfortunately, I did not know how to draw how the feathers would overlap in this particular composition. Luckily, I was able to find artists Moreno Monti and Matteo Tranchellini, who took photographs of chickens. I was able to see through these how their wings folded, and how the individual feathers overlapped. To my dismay, however, there were no images with the wings fully splayed out. So, I traveled up to my chicken and quail coops and was able to bend their wings in different flight patterns to see how the feathers shifted. The bleak colors of gray-scale help the reds and golds of the fire and matching rose to stand out. The way the wings curl around the glass makes your attention move down the wings, to the rose within the glass, following the curve of the glass, down the shards that are falling into the fire, and then following the rise of the fire back up to the curved wings.

Alister - Alister is an original character that I made two years ago with a series of other characters. During this time, my stile was not nearly what it is now, so I decided to re-draw all of those characters. Alister is a zombie cat with a strong faith and I believe that the best way to capture him was through drawing because then I could show different sides and emotions of the character.

Peace and chaos. Harmony - This is a collage made of many words from many magazines and articles. The lower left half consists of positive words while the top right half consists of only negative words. I chose this collage because it captures how there is a positive and negative chaos and balance in the world.

Shapeless - This is an image of a colorful wing on a dull background. The background was made of grayscale, layer triangles while the wing atop it was made of colorful triangles that contrasted against it. I chose a mix of acrylic and construction paper to make the background solid and provide space between the cut out triangles.

Ever-Watching Eye - This piece was created with acrylic paint in a scale of purple squares randomly painted onto the paper. Paperclips were straightened with clamps and used to outline some of the squares. Where the wire wanters from the edges, it meets in the square to form an eye with a swirling circle within.

Blue Flowers - This is an depiction of blue and white flowers surrounded by undefined white lines and blue hot-air balloon looking objects. This was my second water-color piece that I have made in my studies. A deep concentration of water-color was used for the flowers to accentuate the colors within; a light concentration was used as the under-layers for the rest of the piece. I wanted to learn more about the ways water-color could be manipulated and moved across the paper, which is why I chose this medium for this piece.

The Red Moon - After painting Blue Flowers, I was still curious around the detailing of water-color. So, I attempted to shade at a higher level with low concentrated water-color in the clouds and around the edges of the moon.

Art Inspiration and Art History Connections https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Q4HRYdf2DCT8DDAWdoGJNhinKeQ2wN-NXZejSln6Xjw/edit#slide=id.p

Growth. Growth is an important thing as an artist, because we are always learning and growing through the influence of other artists, our experiences, and the world around us. Through this art class, I have been exposed to mediums of art that I have only dabbled in, or have not even attempted before. I believe that out of the mediums used, linoleum block-printing and acrylic were my favorite. Though block-printing took a while to accomplish, once the final piece was done, I was proud of myself. I was able to see the steps that it took and appreciate the time and effort, and then see how it all payed off in the end. Acrylics were an interesting concept to me. It was difficult figuring out how to add layers to the paint and the different ways to move the brush across the canvas. I have bountiful amounts of experience to acquire, but I do believe that I have a good place to start now. What was consistent through my work, no matter what the medium, was the idea of a dreamers mind. I am constantly being told by my family that I have my head stuck in the clouds, and I can see this through my work. In my work there is a lot of symbolism; most that can only be seen through my eyes. My work reflects how I dream and how my mind sees the events in the world. And I wish to continue this in the summer. I have bought paint, canvas, brushes, and everything that I need to pursue my art over the summer and hopefully improve. The main idea that I want to continue is Glass Shards. I wish to make a series of different wings and different flowers matched with elements of the earth.

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