increase in School funding why it's needed

most school districts in the nation have cut their budget by more that ten percent since the 2008 recession.
More than 100 school districts in the nation have cut their school week to 4 days a week. This saves districts an estimated 150,000 dollars per school year saving many programs such as band and art.
The United States is falling farther behind than other industrialized nations in school performance. The U.S spends less than most nations in the world per student.
Programs such as band and art are getting cut with the decreased funding. Band is proven to increase cognitive function, critical thinking and ability to focus longer. All these skills will increase test scores.
With recent votes in congress and the senate funding to rule and urban schools will be dramatically reduced.
Please contact your local congress men and women as well as your senators to encourage them to vote to increase school funding and give our children bright futures.


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