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February was the start of our Model call of everyday women turning themselves into boudoir models for a day. We shoot 90% of boudoir in our luxurious boudoir studio but we only share 3% online and in person, due to privacy reasons.

Boudoir is about women falling in love with themselves again. To see their beauty inside and out.

This blog is to show how different each session is and how powerful a Boudoir shoot can truly be.

Boudoir is a therapeutic process that differs from conventional therapy. Our Mission is to showcase every beautifully perfect aspect of our clients so they can walk away with the long lasting self-confidence that they deserve to have. We hope that our clients will carry that feeling with them every single day.

MEET Amber Thompson

studio a makeup artistry—by amber lynn


My name is Amber and I am a makeup artist, brow specialist & Aesthetic business owner with over a decade of experience.

My goal is to collaborate with you to create a personalized look that brings out your confidence and makes you look as fierce, radiant and beautiful as you feel on the inside.

As Bobbi Brown said—“the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

Helping someone look beautiful is nice, but helping them FEEL beautiful is life-changing.

I look forward to collaborating with you alongside Adriana, helping your boudoir vision come to life.

Excuse #1: I need to lose five (or ten? or twenty? or two?? pounds.

Oh, stop it! If we all waited until we weighed just the right amount, we would never get anything done, right? let’s be honest, even the most spectacular model you’ve ever seen obsesses about how she looks. But then she gets in front of the camera and WORKS it. Because inside she knows she’s fierce. Just like you--for all the same reasons you even THOUGHT about doing a boudoir shoot. OK? NEXT!!

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

Excuse #2: I’m not a model. I don’t know how to pose. I’ll look awkward.

once you come to your session, I will pose EVERY part of you. You don't need to know how to do anything because I am going to help you EVERY step of the way. I will tell you how to breathe, arch that back and point those toes. You are gonna look FAB!​Let me help you reclaim that love for YOU that you so desperately deserve.

Let me show you what everyone sees in you, that you just seem to be missing. Let's make this the best experience ever.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

Excuse #3: I don’t buy or own lingerie. I don’t have anything sexy to wear.

Let’s just imagine this scenario: You have a favorite little jacket. Maybe you just own cotton briefs but not lacy panties. How sexy might you look with just your favorite jacket, maybe a bra, those briefs and nothing else? A little makeup. A little hair touches up. Hmm, …suddenly, who needs frilly lingerie? Not That girl! A soft, oversized sweater off the shoulder? Deconstructing everyday outfits can be even more suggestive than some pricey Victoria’s Secret find. We’ll chat and we will be creative about your wardrobe options. We also have lots of white sheets for draping and wrapping.

Excuse #4: I don’t have anyone to give the photos to.

Yes you do. YOU. No matter who the photos are for, the experience is for you. The added gift is having the images to remind you of that experience and remember that other part of who you are. The gift is also the experience of being pampered by a hair stylist and makeup artist. Having a photographer focused (no pun intended) just on you as we work together to create your collection of gorgeous images. Being a supermodel for a day. And if later, you end up with someone you want to share the photos with, that’s just awesome too.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

Excuse #5: My partner/spouse wouldn’t approve.

*DROP THAT PERSON RIGHT NOW * but seriously don't make me scream louder " this is for you, no one else, he doesn't support this, drop him !!!!

secondly, you should know that our shoot space is your safe space. It is your space to be as kooky, bawdy, daring and sultry as you want. Your shoot is between you and my team. We don’t make any judgments, and we respect your privacy. So, take that information and use it as you will. Just know that you are our client.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

Excuse #6: Spending money on myself this way is frivolous.

This is not just buying some cute shoes. You’re making an investment in your self-confidence. You might think that cute shoes are a cheaper way to go, but living the experience and having the images will last much longer than a pair of Christian Louboutins. Whether you just want to capture a moment of time, or celebrate an achievement, in my opinion, the positive self-affirming experience and the impression it makes on your psyche, becomes more holistic than buying pricey shoes that you’ll wear a handful of times.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

Excuse #7: I can’t afford a boudoir photo shoot.

I completely understand that finances affect all of our lives, and which nonessential treats we allow ourselves. Just like saving up for a special girls’ night out or a long weekend away, a boudoir photoshoot is a little self-love experience you can also put money aside for. And while you may not be able to drop several hundred dollars at this very moment, we can help make your dream photoshoot come true by setting up a payment plan for you.

Excuse #8: Everyone will see my pictures.

No! Everyone will not see your pictures. The photos you have seen on our website or our social media, we have been given permission by our clients to share their gorgeous images. We only share photographs of women who allow us to display their images so that other women can see the potential beauty that lies within them. Every client signs a release that either grants or denies us the right to showcase your beautiful portraits.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn

k—so we're clear now, right? Your excuses are easily overcome. And even if your particular reason was not on this list, you see how positive thinking and a few deep breaths make the idea of doing a boudoir shoot so much less daunting. You deserve to reward yourself. So before you freak yourself out again.

MUA:Studio A Makeup Artistry—by Amber Lynn
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