The 3-2-1. Tech @ CSD: News & Tips for Teachers

Today is Sunday, February 12, 2017. Here's to a shortened instructional week, which will give us all time to catch our breaths and catch up! Tonight's big question: Beyoncé or Adele?

On these pages, you'll find:

  • a weekly status update on the TOP 3 issues on our lists,
  • 2 TIPS to help things work a little better in your classroom, and
  • one IDEA to consider about technology and teaching.

This week's TOP3.

  • Why No Guest Access? You may have noticed that--for a beat last week--the guest login area of the WiFi network suddenly appeared. We were accommodating a visit of the accreditation folks and hustled to open some access to the WiFi for them on the fly. Why, you might ask, do we take it down and put it up only in limited instances? Mostly, we're managing the proclivities of our HS students against the limits of the network's current configuration and its login protocols. We know that it would make it easier for volunteers, for coaches, and for visitors if guest access were always available. We promise to investigate that possibility this summer. Until now, our focus has been on stabilizing the network for our most important users: teachers and students. Stay tuned. We'll do what we can to add guest functionality.
  • Well, if you're spending all your time on making logins work for teachers, why do I have such trouble logging on? Please don't just accept the issues you encounter as a necessary nuisance. I bet if you let us know, one of us can work with you to troubleshoot and help you understand how to struggle less often. Remember that not every device encounters the login in the exact same way. That's just a reflection of differences in operating systems and device hardware. We do think we can make it easier if you let us know you're struggling.
  • Can't you make these donated devices work? Often, the answer is "no." We appreciate that parents and other folks have offered donated devices over the years in an attempt to close gaps between classroom technology demand and supply. The problem with those donations is that in the past they went straight in the classroom without a plan for standardizing them for our school environment. That approach made it difficult to support the devices effectively . . . And it's why we're trying to step away from relying on donated equipment for classroom and teachers' primary resources. If you are depending on donated equipment in your classroom, please put that information on our radar now so we can plan to transition you to new equipment.


  • Planning for MS for next year: While we're mostly done with devices upgrades and replacements for this fiscal year, we're not finished with our effort to work our way through classrooms to ensure we're as well equipped as we can be. I'll be observing in 6th and 7th grade classrooms for several Fridays through March so that we can budget for next year. As part of those observations, I'll be reaching out to middle school teams so that we can have a better understanding of how you can best put technology to use in support of instruction and curriculum. Classroom visits begin Friday, 2/24.
  • Food for thought: The latest edition to the Tech4Teachers magazine (see link below) is an article in the Huffington Post that describes the spectrum of technology integration in classrooms. It's a good reminder that there's not just one right answer and reflects our efforts to leverage our technology dollars without insisting on a one-size, fits-all approach.


An IDEA of note.


Here's the link to the Storify summary of our inaugural Twitter chat for staff:

Have you checked out Shane's calendar of education chats? You might find one or two that really grab your fancy.

Stay tuned this week for the beginnings of a series of related TwitterChats to reflect our School Improvement goal of Broadening Perspectives. DO you have your Twitter account ready to go?

Don't forget: wired pcs and laptops, CSD.local domain, wireless or wired Internet connection, etc. AND SEND A SCREENSHOT!!!!!! (Know that we will poke back and insist on a screenshot. It is the most efficient way to help us diagnose what's up.)

Tech Team Students are available for triage and diagnosis ONLY. Please do not tempt them to make changes to your device! They remain on provisional licenses only!

See you next week!
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