Boudoir Prep Guide with Jen Needham Photography

So, let's get you prepped!

Girlfriend! I'm so glad you're here! I've made this little prep guide to walk you through what you need to do before and the day of your boudoir session to make sure everything goes as awesome as possible.

The Month Before

  1. Shop! Read over my lingerie guide (find it in The Boudoir Room section of my site) for tips on what to buy and how to flatter your body best, there's also a list of my fave places to shop!
  2. Book your hair, waxing & nail appointments (natural nails are totally fine too, just make sure they're clean and free of old polish that's hangin' around). This is NOT the time to drastically change your haircut or color, but if you regularly dye your hair, please have it freshened up a week or so before your session, a fresh cut is also recommended so you don't have scraggly ends. If you typically wax, please book that around a week before your shoot, we don't want any red or irritated areas. If you're a shaver, please remember to freshly shave anything that will show in photos (the day before is best so skin isn't cranky).
  3. Start thinking about what products you'd like. If there are any specific products you know you're going to love, please let me know so I can shoot specifically for them!
  4. Setup your Pinterest board and add me as a collaborator. This is really important! Pin images and looks that appeal to you, not so we can copy them, but so I get a feel for what you like! Some girls love moody, soul reaching images and others like fun, bright and airy- I can gladly do either but I need to know what speaks to you. My name on Pinterest is Jen Needham Photography.
  5. Work through everything in The Boudoir Room. We can't do your session without the boring paperwork (sorry friend, I hate doing that stuff too). Please make sure you get your questionnaire, contract and model release filled out now so it's done and out of the way.

The Week Of

  1. Get yo hair did. And nails. And get waxed. Handle all of the things so you're looking like a billion bucks come shoot day.
  2. Plan your outfits. Since you've read over the lingerie guide already (you did, right?), you know what pieces will pull out the sultry sexy goddess that lives inside you. Make sure they're all clean, ironed or steamed and ready to go. Keep in mind you're welcome to pull things from the lingerie closet at the studio, but bring your own pieces too.
  3. HYDRATE. Really. Hydrated skin is happy skin. Dry skin does not take makeup well OR photograph well. Drink half your body weight in water (or non caffeinated tea works too) daily.
  4. Stretch your body. Consider doing some light yoga or just streeeeetch those muscles on your own. The bendier you are for your session, the better.
  5. Nourish your belly. Eat healthy, happy foods that make your gut a joyous little place. Please stay away from super salty or fried foods. They make ya bloat and can make your skin upset. Not fun.

The Day Before

Giiiiirl, you ready?! I'm sure you're feeling nervous AND crazy excited. Getting naked (or kinda naked) for a stranger is weird, I totally get that. Know that we make every effort to have this experience go as easy and as comfortably as possible. I promise you'll feel a whole lot better once you get to the studio.

  1. Stretch all of the things, drink all of the water and eat all of the healthy foods. I know, not super fun, but it seriously makes a difference.
  2. Hydrate your skin. This is a great time to put on a hydrating mask or at the very least, slather on a thick lotion.
  3. Pack yo bags. Get everything ready so you're not in a mad dash tomorrow!
  4. Wash your hair. Please do NOT come to the studio on session day with freshly washed hair, especially if your hair doesn't love to be curled. Day old hair plays better with curling irons/wands and is just easier overall to work with. DO NOT ARRIVE WITH WET HAIR- not even just a little damp.


I can't wait!!!

  1. Be here on time. Please refer to your appointment confirmation email for your arrival time. Pleeeease come right on time, not early and definitely not late. I don't come to the studio until a few minutes beforehand and I need some time to set up and guzzle my tea. If you're late, it cuts into your shooting time and I want you to have all of your allotted time!
  2. Eat! Please eat something healthy and nourishing today. It's important. Protein, veggies and fresh fruit or some oatmeal are awesome choices!
  3. BREATHE. So, getting naked for someone you don't know (or maybe you know me, if so... hey girl!!) is weird, period. Being nervous is totally normal and to be expected. I promise we will work through it together. Honestly, most ladies settle a lot during hair and makeup!

Random Tips & Bits

  1. Need an excuse for your significant other? If your shoot is a surprise for your love, tell them you're going to a makeup party. It's the best excuse I've found, if you have a better one, I want to hear it! :)
  2. I encourage you to get in touch with me! If you're feeling super scared, want outfit advice, etc... reach out! I promise, you won't be bothering me! My email is Use it if you need to.

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