W/C 27/03/2017

Wednesday 29th

Over the weekend, i asked Jamie to make the background i also, asked Jamie to make some better more varied, tiles. So they are ready, but Jamie has a problem with his PC so may not be able to give them me till tomorrow, which hinders things a little but not too much as Jamie's PC maybe working tomorrow. But i have some simple 'placeholder' images for the Boss and trees. So i can still make the blueprints ready for Jamie's art. So hopefully tomorrow I will have a fully functional boss, and some better grass sprites to make the tile map with.

Thursday 30th

The type of boss we had in mid is the tree boss off Kirbys dreamland. Today I have been able to nearly fully make the Boss, which is a tree, that shoots out branches and throws bombs. Jamie has made the new Grass/Environment art. However Jamie still has not finished all of the art which i need, to put in the game.Such as the background, trees, more character sprites. In order for this to work better, i could start giving Jamie specific deadlines of when a piece of art has to be put in the game. I would like the boss to be more challenging so for speeds and damage amounts the boss deals out i have made the variable editable, so i can change them easily.

This is the blueprint for the boss.

Above, is the blueprint for the boss, as you can see there are many things, but most of it is basic techniques what we had learned how to do with Jason. I just applied it to the things i wanted to make. The only thing what was tricky was figuring out how to start up the boss, that is only because i was over complicating things.

Friday 31st

Today I have neatened up all of my characters blueprints and managed to get my collectible counter working. Next i may add a timer on the HUD. However, my bosses health bar will not work, as i need to find out some more information about the casting nodes, and to do this i will find some tutorials on how to cast with actor blueprints. I would really like for the boss to have a health bar. I would also like the boss to be our boss, so i really need Jamie to get the sprites done. Next i need to fix some bugs with the game, like why the ranged attack doesn't work on the normal enemies.


Created with images by David Spender - "Treebeard"

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